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PARKS [J-Movie]

PARKS パークス.mkv - 00911
PARKS パークス.mkv - 00939 PARKS パークス.mkv - 00932
PARKS パークス.mkv - 00351 PARKS パークス.mkv - 00739
PARKS パークス.mkv - 00286
PARKS パークス.mkv - 00403 PARKS パークス.mkv - 00679
PARKS パークス.mkv - 00778 PARKS パークス.mkv - 00800
PARKS パークス.mkv - 00809

Hashimoto Ai and Nagano Mei in the same movie!

The two taking top billing as the main characters!!

It is their story – A story of Haru (Mei’s character) storming into and sparking a flame of life, into Jun’s (Ai’s character) life!!!

Literally a full manual in front of you to make a great yuri story!!!!

Then fucking it up!!!!!

What happened to my Japan? Sure Japan has a huge history of bad story resolutions, which I think always comes down to wet feet but it is not like they don’t have good resolutions! Like, my favourite Japanese Movie, My 4th Commandment, has an ending to end all endings and the characters in that movie not only played step-sisters in the movie but they are actually real sisters! If a movie with those elements managed to give us a great, BEST ending, why are you getting cold feet these days?

Like, we all know how it is A-okay to yaoi and yuri when you are young as opposed to when you grow up, where the term ‘it was just a phase’ comes from, why is it then that these days it is the adult movies that get the good yuri stories with great endings as opposed to general audience movies?!

I mean, in the last few years almost all young cast yuri movies (read Shishunki Gokko and more on this site) have had BAD ENDS whereas adult movies like Aka x Pinku, Torture Club and White Lily (New & a post coming soon) have frikkin GREAT yuri and ENDs! like, I don’t get it!

Are you trying to fight homophobia in adults and tell them it is okay now to not bury your real selves by making porn with plot movies? That is a noble cause but why sacrifice the young gen in the process? It makes no sense to instill phobia in people when they are young by showing only the negative aspects if same sex relationships because then what is the point if they are already scared when they grow up?

And there I go getting side-tracked again, but seriously, look at the caps above! Look at the potential! In fact I am just going to talk about the wasted potential for this post so I can make it short…

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Mitsu no Aware [J-Movie]

蜜のあわれ.mkv - 00172
蜜のあわれ.mkv - 00263 蜜のあわれ.mkv - 00053
蜜のあわれ.mkv - 00136 蜜のあわれ.mkv - 00256
蜜のあわれ.mkv - 00085
Mitsu no Aware / 蜜のあわれ / Bitter Honey

And yet another weird movie from Japan!

From the synopsis, Akago –  our main girl in red (played by Nikaido Fumi) is one with the ability to turn into a human. She is originally a goldfish. Meanwhile the other woman in the caps is Yuriko (played by Maki Youko) – a ghost from the Guy’s (That Akago is living with) past.

You would be hard pressed to think of them as such when you watch the movie without reading the plot. To me it seemed like a kind of fantasy tale of an old man and his relationship with his beloved goldfish. The movie seemed to me like being told in his delusions giving form to a fish that isn’t actually real. Though if that were the case that sex scene would have been way out of the left field, and it was already wired as it was! To be fair though even then it was shown as being a dream of some sort in that you are not really sure if they really had sex or not! The outcome is still the same anyway, Akago got prego!

As for Yuriko, I did not think that she was human at all. I thought she was the same as Akago, another goldfish that was thrown away by the old man and comes haunting Akago but then since when do things other than humans have ghosts? Not even Japan is that fantastical!

But that doesn’t really matter! it matters not that Yuriko ended up going away and that Akago got prego with the Old man or that even as he died in the end they still went on with that relationship, even if I was 100% sure it wasn’t romantic at all. The old Dude was real pissed when Akago got pregnant and I think that whatever is between them, in their dead/alive relationship, it is all on Akago’s side!

Anyway what matters is that in the end the Old man died, and not after making Akago cry bitter tears, as opposed to the tears that Yuriko made Akago cry, tears of loneliness and wanton when she left. What matters is that Yuriko and Akago had the greatest moments and most romantic. What matters is that Yuriko despite all reasoning for coming back being because of the Old man, she spent all her ghost life with Akago, fell in love with her, got emotional because of her (when she saw Akago and the Old Dude being cosy) and only got physical with only Akago.

What matters is that Akago got a great kiss from Yuriko. What matters is that that the only actual feelings of love Akago got were from Yuriko. What matters is that Akago’s first kiss was from Yuriko too. What matters is that Akago did not want Yuriko to go so desperately she pleaded, held onto her arm, cried her eyes out for her to stay but Yuriko could not. She was a Ghost and I think that Akago had helped her be able to move on. Even though I would want to see her return just to fulfill that wish of Akago’s when she asked Yuriko to return whenever she gets cold and promising to be there waiting for her.

At first I did not like this movie. I thought of it as yet another disappointment and really, the way that make-out sessions ended was one of those ways that put crinkles in your face! The fact that they dropped the ‘Friends’ bomb kind of made things worse.

But then I took a step back and looked at the bigger picture. It is somewhat understandable the way Akago reacted. Even if I saw the kiss coming from a mile away I have to admit that any other person probably would have reacted the same way. Then there is the later scenes between the two and that last scene of them. I am sure Akago’s feelings had changed and that had Yuriko not have had to go, she would have stayed and if she did, things would have been very different between them. It was obvious that the Old man did not love Akago as much as she loved him. And the way he hurt her when he found out she was pregnant was just so uncool I couldn’t pity any woman who stayed with him after that! But Akago was just too good a creature and without Yuriko she needed someone, even if the Old man is D.E.A.D!

Now only Akago is left with her child and Yuriko being a Ghost who knows, she might just pop back up in the future and then they would be 2M1K (2 Moms 1 kid to you all that don’t know)!

Anyway the movie just recently came out and is on the interwebs so it should be easy to find. Do check it out, even though I don’t think there are English subtitles yet.

That is all, jump over for more caps…


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Shoujo [J-Movie]

少女.m2ts - 00335
少女.m2ts - 00208 少女.m2ts - 00212
少女.m2ts - 00085
少女.m2ts - 00396 少女.m2ts - 00430
少女.m2ts - 00246
Shoujo / 少女 / Night’s Tightrope

Japan strikes once again from the blind spot with yet another movie that hits right in the FEELs!

I have to confess, I was not looking forward to this movie but that poster, especially the one for the Blu-ray, was just too good for this to be simply bait! Speaking of bait, that is the vibe I got from the trailer. I seriously thought this was one of those BAD-END types of movies but I tell you all now, forget the trailer! That is one misleading trailer! Believe in the poster!


Speaking of that Blu-ray, I guess I have to get it now after being so bitch-slapped for having any doubts! I mean, my yuri-sense, that has only let me down like, less than 5%, told me to watch that trailer and I did but then I got doubts about the movie from the trailer! It was only a stupid trailer! Never doing that again I wear!

This of course means that Shoujo delivered the goods and what quality!!! I am a sucker, as most of you will know, for the types of stories where the couple save each other! Usually it is one person saving the other and that is already too much but having both sides save the other, now that is over-kill and instant WIN in my book!

This movie is basically karma and that means awesome twists that you never see coming! Something seemingly insignificant can come back later and make your brain melt and this movie has those in spades! If you are interested in watching this movie, I will just tell you what Yuki’s grandmother kept chanting in the movie. She said that be careful what you do because it will come back and bite you in the end, all in an instant! Imagine that pain condensed in just a few moments before your death.


Karma is the moral of this story but that mainly has to do with other characters not ours two girls. They were mostly at the other end of that stick, in that they were the subjects of misery! Seriously, if this movie was released in Hollywood it would be at 10% Rotten tomatoes because ‘grimdark’. But this is Japan and movies like these are cereals for breakfast!

Seriously though, this is one despairing movie! It’s got it all – underage sex, attempted rape, power harassment, domestic violence, innocent persecution, suicide, bullying, curses and more! I went in expecting some Christian girls’ school drama, innocent girls’ school drama it was not!!

So what was it then…

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Love Exposure [J-Movie]

Love.Exposure.2008.BR.1080p.AVC.DTS-HDMA5.1.AhLongG.mkv - 00408
Love.Exposure.2008.BR.1080p.AVC.DTS-HDMA5.1.AhLongG.mkv - 00086 Love.Exposure.2008.BR.1080p.AVC.DTS-HDMA5.1.AhLongG.mkv - 00120
Love.Exposure.2008.BR.1080p.AVC.DTS-HDMA5.1.AhLongG.mkv - 00379
Love.Exposure.2008.BR.1080p.AVC.DTS-HDMA5.1.AhLongG.mkv - 00013 Love.Exposure.2008.BR.1080p.AVC.DTS-HDMA5.1.AhLongG.mkv - 00199
Love.Exposure.2008.BR.1080p.AVC.DTS-HDMA5.1.AhLongG.mkv - 00319
Love.Exposure.2008.BR.1080p.AVC.DTS-HDMA5.1.AhLongG.mkv - 00323 Love.Exposure.2008.BR.1080p.AVC.DTS-HDMA5.1.AhLongG.mkv - 00353
Love.Exposure.2008.BR.1080p.AVC.DTS-HDMA5.1.AhLongG.mkv - 00399
Love Exposure / Ai no Mukidashi / 愛のむきだし

Wow, just WOW!

I have already watched this movie way back, it came out in 2008, and speaking of which, what a year that was!! Almost every country had something. This from Japan, Miao Miao and Beautiful Crazy from Taiwan, Martyrs from France, I Can’t Think Straight and Affinity from UK, The Baby Formula from Netherlands and many many more, from evidence that was, hands down, the best year for yuri!

And so I have already seen this movie, I even wrote a blog on tumblr putting out my wish for a Blu-ray of the movie and guess what happened, we did indeed get a Blu-ray of this movie! It has been out for a while but it was a challenge to get to watch it again. I had plans of doing just that way back and with the Blu-ray, it meant a chance to enjoy it in its full quality glory! It had nothing to do with the fact that it is a 4 hour movie, no, the reason I waited was because I was dreading it. My body and mind tells me that I did not have the best experience watching it the first time, it has to do with the way things ended and now that I have re-watched it, I can understand why.

I was really pulled in by our main girls Aya (the bird-petting crazy lesbian) and Yoko. The ending disappointed me so much, especially since I was still green back then but after all the experience of BAD ENDs, it doesn’t seem so bad now. So I held off watching it again but now that I have finally been able to, man, what a roller coaster of a ride!

A warning to all green horns out there, whenever you see the signature SION SONO logo before a movie, brace yourselves! This is another one of those directors you will never forget once you see their movies! I seriously forgot how crazy this movie was! So much so that I was even surprised by some of the yuri scenes because I did not remember them at all! I am not sure if they are added scenes and this is some kind of ultimate cut of the movie, since really, I thought it was about three hours long and not four!

Yeah, this is one long movie but as far as I am concerned, directors need to do this more often! You get full back stories of all the major characters, scenes play out in their full lengths. You don’t miss anything!  But really, Japanese movies are on average 2 hours long, especially the dramatic ones so a four hour cut once in a while shouldn’t be so strange! We should be getting these instead of this new trend they have of splitting movies into parts!

Anyway, what a movie, what awesome yuri! It takes itself no so seriously but it seriously turns real life beliefs over their head like it’s nobody’s business! Our main girls were ridiculously so good in their roles, really, everyone was just so on point, despite most of them being so young!

This movie is four hours long so I am not going to be talking about everything. if you think I missed something, I know it is there but no time to mention it. it’s not that I am going to pick things from order of importance but rather what I remember on top of my head because this is a huge movie! Of course I remember all Aya/Yoko scenes so I have to leave out even those I remember…Oh the suffering, but the movie has been out for over 8 years, you should be able to get your hands on it by now so I recommend you watch it yourselves to get everything.

Alright, where to start…

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Tsumi no Yohaku [J-Movie]

罪の余白.mkv - 00317
罪の余白.mkv - 00179 罪の余白.mkv - 00180
罪の余白.mkv - 00189 罪の余白.mkv - 00268罪の余白.mkv - 00328
Tsumi no Yohaku 罪の余白

What is right vs Love. Finding Love amidst evil actions. One’s security getting in the way of Love. Criminals have hearts too. How far people are willing to go when backed up against a wall.

Tsumi no Yohaku AKA Crime’s Blank, a 2015 awesome crime drama takes on all these issues and statements and all I have to say is, forget the likes of Romeo and Juliet, this is what tragic love is all about! I have never had my heart pulled in all directions when it comes to the villains in movies like it was this time around! Maybe it is expected seeing as this villain, Saki (played by the captain of X21’s Yoshimoto Miyu), is actually also the protagonist of the story, even though her end was a BAD ONE, which makes her an actual villain in the end instead of an anti-heroine!

I can hear someone going ‘why now?’, well, the credit goes to this new drama that was recommended to me currently airing titled ‘Kuzu no Honkai’, which, if you are an anime person, you know of this as the anime version is also currently airing, and the main girl sure moves around. I am still at episode 2 and having been blown away by Miyu’s performance in those two episodes (are idols really allowed to do that?!!), I remembered that there was a movie she was supposed to be in and so I went and looked for it and dear Readers, am I glad I remembered it!

This girl is just so good! Add her in a big budget movie like Tsumi no Yohaku and man, what a ride! But it was not just her that got me to stay and write about this movie, nope, the other girls too both Uno Narumi (who plays our other half in Maho) and Yoshida Mikako (who plays the catalyst Kana). Those two were also great in their roles and their performances added greatly to the overall feel of the movie bringing that oomph to the punch!

Obviously the point and focus of this post is going to be on our ship in Saki and Maho! Having decided that maybe we have had enough of Korean Movie posts, this was kind of an excellent timing if you ask me! Better still the fact that Tsumi no Yohaku also has the same themes of the last movie talked about, the short ‘End of Summer’. Our main characters almost were similar but ended up taking different routes, an outcome that was also influenced by their partners.

Both having tragic endings but of different magnitude and brought on by opposite circumstances, makes me one sad but also happy citizen! And so I am thinking maybe I should approach this post by way of comparing this and End of Summer? Nah, nothing ever goes according to plan where I am concerned!

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I am a Hero [J-Movie]

アイアムアヒーロー.mkv - 00029 アイアムアヒーロー.mkv - 00071
アイアムアヒーロー.mkv - 00048 アイアムアヒーロー.mkv - 00066
アイアムアヒーロー.mkv - 00076
I am a Hero アイアムアヒーロー

So, there is this zombie apocalypse movie (yes, another one) that recently came out from Japan that got my goggles re-assessed to find out if they are still doing their job right! It has occurred to me that I have been posting about a lot of legit yuri that doesn’t require goggles at all so I figured they needed some re-calibration!

Who am I kidding, the only reason I got this movie was because Nagasawa-kun was in it along with Kasumi-chan. Also the fact that it is a horror movie. Horror is my favourite genre after all, until yuri is made an official genre that can have award nominations that is. And so I went and checked it out.

The movie seems to be based off of a Manga but I am not going to go checking it out, unless someone who has read it tells me otherwise. Movies usually take liberties and in this case I can tell that I would regret checking out that manga so I am going to stick with the movie, thank you very much.

Nagasawa Masami plays Yabu, a woman who used to be a nurse that feels regret at her earlier actions when the breakout first happened. She ran away saving only her self and no one else. Arimura Kasumi on the other hand plays Hiromi, a high school girl that runs into our protag and redeems him and Yabu along the way, while she on the other hand was turning less and less human. We don’t run into Yabu until a bit later into the movie when Hiromi is already turned!

Basically the movie is about a breakout and then surviving in the post-apocalyptic world. There are many mysteries left to solve, which are really making me want to go read that Manga but I am going to resist! No matter how much I want to know the fate of Hiromi and her powers, or how the relationships progress, I am going to resist! Let’s just stick to the movie…

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