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CODE BLUE Season 3!!!

Code Blue 2.E04.Bluray.1080p.10bit.x264.mkv - 00000 Code Blue.SP.Bluray.1080p.10bit.x264.mkv - 00002
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Seven years!!

It’s been seven whole years since the second season of Code Blue aired!! And now we are getting a third season?! Yes dearest Readers, our favourite Doctors are back with us starting July!


The nostalgia! Nothing can beat this feeling, maybe if Joss announced a 9th season of Buffy as yesterday was it’s 10 year anniversary! other than that, nothing can beat this feeling!

Oh Lord, those were the times. around that time when the first season aired back in 2008 was when I first got into AKB and Japanese TV. Todi (Toda Erika) and Gakki (Aragaki Yui) were the rave back then! And don’t get me started on the male characters!! This was the drama to watch back then!

Looks like I am going to have some help getting back to my old self, eh? What better way than the help of a series I was watching back then? And of course you know why I was watching this!

Megumi (Gakki) and Mihoko (Todi).

Unless you count The X-Files, this is the only medical drama I have ever gotten into and it was all because of Gakki and Todi because like I said, they were the IT back then! Truthfully I have not seen much of their work since then although,, interestingly, there is this movie of Gakki’s that I only watched last week and was kind of post worthy.

Anyway I remember how much Megumi x Mihoko we got in the second season, especially after that SP that aired after the first. But for some reason I don’ remember anything from the first season. You know what this means! Since I have every single episode and the S, I am so re-watching this to re-ignite the flames of this ship before it hits us again in July!

I am both excited and scared though. How are they going to handle the time gap between then and now? Seeing as the followed the timelines from the first to the second season, it would not surprise me if the gave us the 7 years later card but I also think going either way, be it continuing on from where we left of or jump will both work!

If they go for the time jump, how will our girls be relationship-wise? Mihoko’s parents were already pestering her to marry back then (even though she was adamantly against it) and there was always this cloud between Megumi and Dude1 even though it never got anywhere, which really, really, surprised me! This has got to be the first series I have seen where the expected did not actually happen!

Meanwhile we were getting so much Megumi x Mihoko, especially in the second season that China was going mad with this ship! I totally remember the sites I used to frequent back then just to see what they had cooked up on our girls!

But really, who could blame them? These two were just too much…

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Kuzu no Honkai EP 03-06

Kuzu no Honkai EP05 720p HDTV x264 AAC-DoA.mkv - 00239
Kuzu no Honkai EP03 720p HDTV x264 AAC-DoA.mkv - 00045 Kuzu no Honkai EP03 720p HDTV x264 AAC-DoA.mkv - 00048
Kuzu no Honkai EP05 720p HDTV x264 AAC-DoA.mkv - 00174
Kuzu no Honkai EP05 720p HDTV x264 AAC-DoA.mkv - 00184 Kuzu no Honkai EP05 720p HDTV x264 AAC-DoA.mkv - 00060
Kuzu no Honkai EP05 720p HDTV x264 AAC-DoA.mkv - 00091

Look at them caps! Just, just look at them!!? This is the best ever drama from japan, right? This has to be one of the best Lesbian dramas out there, right? I mean, just you look at them! Look at that intimacy! Look at the happiness and love in their faces! Just..Just look!

Definitely, the best drama of the year, even if it is only March, right? Right guys?




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Kuzu no Honkai [J-Drama]

Kuzu no Honkai EP02 720p HDTV x264 AAC-DoA.mkv - 00118
Kuzu no Honkai EP01 720p HDTV x264 AAC-DoA.mkv - 00006 Kuzu no Honkai EP01 720p HDTV x264 AAC-DoA.mkv - 00004
Kuzu no Honkai EP02 720p HDTV x264 AAC-DoA.mkv - 00015 Kuzu no Honkai EP02 720p HDTV x264 AAC-DoA.mkv - 00019
Kuzu no Honkai EP02 720p HDTV x264 AAC-DoA.mkv - 00036
Kuzu no Honkai クズの本懐

That’s right, Miyu-chan just kissed another girl within the span of one post! And yes, this is the drama, not the anime! I might or might not be checking the anime out it all depends on what happens in the drama! I already have a feeling where the show is going to end up but like I said, I am trying to get back to my glass-half-full old self so before I am either proved right or wrong with the next episode, I have decided to write about the first two episodes that I have watched.

Verdict so far? If my gut feeling is proved wrong as the series progresses, then Japan is going to get the props for starting off 2017 in style and maybe even winning it in the long run! There are already a couple of movies I am waiting to hit the shelves that look promising this year so things are looking up for Japan. Don’t ruin this one, okay?

Like I said, the anime is also currently airing and if I am not mistaken, it is probably at around episode 8 or so. The drama is on episode 4 as far as I am aware but I have watched the first two episodes only. Each episode is sadly 24min which might mean that we might get the full 12, maybe? Either way, I am going to continue watching until I am inevitably let down or proved wrong, then I will marathon the anime!

So, what is this thing exactly that I am thinking will happen? Well, going with what popped into my head first, this has ‘Last Friends’ vibes written all over it! And by that I mean in the fate of our lovely couple in Hanabi (Miyu-chan) and Sanae (Sarii)! The other is this feeling I usually get when I connect to the yuri force! Here’s what is what…

So, our main characters are together and everyone thinks of them as the perfect couple! But all is not as it seems. What is actually going on is that they are in a fake relationship! Even as they kiss and make-out all they are thinking of is their actual person that they love! Hanabi, played by X21’s one and only Captain Yoshimoto Miyu, is actually in love with her brother, a brother who is in a relationship with another teacher who, the main male character is also in love with! They both know each other’s secret but they still put on the façade and even have rules of dating!

Knowing that, you know very well what is going to happen here in the end! Hanabi has zero chance of actually ending up with her brother and if they are going that route, then chances of the main male character being with the teacher has little chance of happening, but then again, that is less of a taboo than Hanabi’s situation so…But anyway this is only if what we all are thinking is going to happen does not and that is that Hanabi and the main male character are going to end up developing real feelings for one another in the end!

Really, even a middle-schooler can see this coming a mile away! And so this is why I am very sensitive going into future episodes, especially since we are only on episode 2 and the yuri has already hit the fan! Things can’t go on this smoothly for the rest 10 or so episodes, it is impossible!

Which is why I have decided to post about these first two while I am still feeling the butterflies, before I get disappointed by later episodes because I wanted to wait until Hanabi and Sanae became an actual thing, like I would do usually! With that out of the way, let’s get this party started….

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[News] About Time You Got Off Ur Butt Japan!

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504260_pcl d84-572-291528-1
Suki na Hito ga Iru Koto ~Samasama Kyunkyun Daisakusen~!

What, with Korea kicking it and taking names all this past year while dead silence from you!

About time you gave us something, in a new drama starting in July starring Fujita Nicole, Takeda Rena and Inoue Sonoko and from the looks of things, this is going to be one to check out, at least once! Looks promising but I hope Rena gets in on that action! I loved her in the 3rd episode of that short and lovely episodic Real Onigokko Rising TV series and have been dying to see more of her in a related drama and here we are!

Now please, please Japan, please don’t let me down this time! Times have changed! Please do not fall back to the clichéd safe gameplay! Take a risk! Give us a un-expected ending!

Now, if only I can get my hands on that teaser! I mean, the drama is just weeks away, there has to be a video…Where are you ma pretty? Nyehehehe…


B-But It’s the Kiss of Death!!

attempting to give fucks

Not this time Satan!

Do you have any idea who those two are?!!! That is THE Kaho and THE Nana, Komatsu Nana yo!

I can’t believe that I am just getting to know of this nice short drama! It was out last year, like, where the hell have I been?!!

In case anyone missed it, this is from the drama titled “Yume o Ataeru”! It was only 4 episodes short and Kaho just flashed in and out just like that but by the gods, if her time on there wasn’t a treasure!

The moment when you find out that they were those two kids way back when they were little. Theen you find out that not only Kaho’s character (Miiha) remembered those few brief meetings but that Yuuko too, one who should be beyond nostalgia, also remembered Miiha!

Almost as heart punishing as BvS finally letting us truly comprehend that Batman and Superman’s mothers were both Martha! Seriously, all these years reading comics and it never occurred to me! Zack, you’re awesome!

And let’s not forget about the moment when Miiha went in to kiss Yuuko! Actually before even then I was shocked at how welcoming and good natured Miiha was all kind of grown up! I certainly thought she would be animalistic towards Yuuko and I expected her to betray her at one point but she did not!

Then I was kind of surprised at how easy she was kissing Yuuko but then Yuuko did the real thing by retracting instantly! I sighed with relief because this wasn’t a kiss for the sake of kissing! Then Miiha gave Yuuko a few seconds before going in again! If Yuuko had pulled away again I am sure it wouldn’t have happened!

Still kind of out of no-where but really, what do we know? Yuuko is kind of famous and Miiha might have really crushed on her all these years since that moment in their childhood so…

Ahhh! Why am I making excuses? It’s a damn kiss between Kaho and Nana! Logic is irrelevant!

Then came the after! First the reaction after the kiss was very encouraging. They were both smiles and happiness. Miiha, the always optimistic one made Yuuko, one who had been miserable until that time finally be happy and smile and it was so good! They were so ready to be a couple!

Then the sun rose, or as we know it better as, the lesbian dies! Now of course since the actual reason for her death is not known (yes, I am pretty sure everyone thinks it was an accident but fuck that! I saw that look on her face in the car as she had that conversation with her manager about dreams!) I will forgive it.

Not to mention that her death completely changed Yuuko! If she had been miserable before, Miiha’s death totally pulled her from purgatory and dumped her into hell!

There was something there! There was potential! But really, with four episodes, what could have been arch…(Condo Barista Architect)…Oh! Well, forget I said anything! But to be fair this came out before that so…

Any who, streaming sites have it translated so go watch if interested!

Jump ahead for some caps ^^…

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