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TheUnderwear [Thai-Drama]


Ah yes, this drama!!

I can’t believe I have not talked about this drama! As an apology I decided to make a music video of our Jay and Yin instead! I hope you enjoy it.

Music is of course from one of my all time favorites Leona Lewis! I just love her voice and her melodies. There are so many songs of hers that I wish I could make videos out of! It was a challenge to try and decide which song to use for this couple and since almost every fan has made a video of them I thought maybe I should go the somber route but even then the song choices were a lot!

In the end I settled of the acoustic version of ‘Trouble’ just to get that extra oomph from Jay’s troubled life! Yeah sure they overdid it a bit with the sad vibes and I guess it is that one flaw that made me love the gay couple in the same show than these two!

Seriously, that gay couple was so well handled! I seriously cried towards the end when they finally settled things! I kid you not! Even as I was preparing clips for this music video I teared up some more because even just zipping through their scenes hit me in the feels!

Their story was so well handled! You know me, I like situations where the couple don’t have feelings yet for one another when we meet them over those already in love because the best feelings are in the journey of them recognizing and accepting one another and that was the situation with our lovely gay couple here.

But speaking of our lesbian couple, I was truly shocked and I still cannot believe it even a year or so after the series ended that we got a lesbian couple in Jay and Yin!

When I first watched episode 1 I seriously doubted the idea that we could get main characters in Yin, oh so hot Yin that had that ‘lead’ vibe and it would be a miracle to turn her gay, fall in love with an even hotter and impossibly able to be gay Jay! Seriously, these two are the main ladies (as they are tangled in the most powerful thread of the series of a brother who committed suicide but was it suicide?).

Seriously people, I still can’t believe it! Emma and Jeena!! Dear Thailand, you own the TV world hands down! No other country has a thing on you! Not even American, that fucked fate by giving us a 7 year lesbian couple in development in Pretty Little Liars’ EMISON (Only 00s kids will remember)!

Speaking of Emma and Jeena though, you all know I have that syndrome where I ship characters before the show starts and when it does and they turn out to be wrong I get super bitter? Well, I am very happy to say I am glad I did not know of the girls in TheUnderwear before the show hit because even as I watched it first then went searching for BTS videos, I fell in love with these two instead…

God I was so lucky I watched the show first! I love them so much behind the scenes! There is this LIVE video of the cast you need to watch that just had them steal my heart!

But in the context of the show though, I’m all Yin/Jay!

Speaking of whom, jump over for some pics of the two courtesy of Emma Fanclub on Twitter.


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Other Lesbian Music Videos

Rooms - Stars Beyond - YouTube.MKV - 00141
Child Actor - Against The Night (Official Music Video) - YouTube.MP4 - 00109 Disclosure - Latch feat. Sam Smith (Official Video) - YouTube.MP4 - 00022
Kaleidoscope - Courtney Act - YouTube.MKV - 00058 dodie - Sick of Losing Soulmates - YouTube.MKV - 00030
Silversun Pickups - -Dots and Dashes (Enough Already)- - YouTube.MP4 - 00093
Luna Blake - Horizon (Official Video) - YouTube.MKV - 00005 Jonas Blue feat. Dakota - Fast Car (Dance Video) by Leah Maurizio - YouTube.MKV - 00032
Higher [Official Music Video] - OZMO Feat BangBangBang   Bsyde - YouTube.MKV - 00110 KSHMR and BASSJACKERS ft SIRAH - Memories (Official Music Video) - YouTube.MKV - 00110
The Happy Mess - Backyard Girl - YouTube.MP4 - 00086

Since the rest have all I’ve talked about in the other three music videos bar one (The parents issue in ‘Tired of Losing Soulmates’ MV), and since I have ran out of time as well, I figured it would be quicker to just dump everything here.

Also some might roll their eyes at the ‘Love You Anyway’ MV saying it is not a lesbian MV but not all is what you see. Just listen to the song and also watch the girls themselves. Sometimes it’s in what you don’t see that matters.

Anyway, jump over for Lesbian Music Videos Galore…

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Vid – No Surrender [Izetta]


So, just finally sat down and completed this anime ‘Shuumatsu no Izetta‘ AKA ‘Izetta the Last Witch‘. Here is the result.

I have to say I totally forgot exactly how gay Izetta and Fine really were! There definitely needs to be an AMV of the two! but because of Dunkirk all I could think of when watching this series was that movie and that certain IMAX 70mm spot.

It just had to be done! And so here is a short action oriented AMV to start things off, based on the music of that spot I just mentioned. Really, there were to many similarities between this and Izetta. The muse was just too strong.

I hope you like, to those who love action as well like I do…



Vid – Crazy In Love [Jean/Sidney]


Oh come on, you knew it was going to be done!

Jean/Diane and Sidney have put their staple on the Best Ship’s list of the year, nay, of all time! Do not believe what the reviewers are saying! Just watch this show and you are going to enjoy the living gaylights out of it! The story is not done. The first season just suddenly cut off with much more to delve into.

Despite that though, despite Jean and Sidney not really being a 100% couple, they gave us the complete course of a relationship! They flirted, they dated, they went out, they had mashing sex (un-diluted, to my compete surprise, thanks Netflix).

Seriously, there is so much here that I just want that second season to drop like, right now! I want to see where Sidney and jean go, now that Sidney finally knows who Jean is! Now that Sam knows who the mystery woman Sidney was seeing is. Now that Micheal knows of Jean’s affair and who she was banging!

Seriously, so much was left on the table it will be a crime if we do not get more of this show!

Jesus Christ Almighty this couple! Definitely too hot for TV! I tried to mince down the video but I think I failed!

Anyway, enjoy. I might talk more about the show later down the road but no promises…




Never Forget…


I’m just finding it funny that everyone is all over Keyakizaka now because they are doing all these cool MVs and I a over here like, where were you when the AKB48 Fall single was the Cool one?

All seem to have forgotten that it was these cool singles that started the Million trend! Well, Yasusu remembers which is why he dedicated those types of songs to Keyakizaka. Everyone is all drooling thinking KKZ is the best thing since sliced bread meanwhile Yasusu is laughing his way to the bank!

Anyway, forever promoting UZA! That is one of the few songs that never left my On the Go playlist. Add in that kick ass choreo and well. And now that I can post these vids, maybe I should do more dance vids of the 48 group. Kazeifu, River, BEGINNER, BwT etc need some more love too. Too bad there is like, only 1 full performance of BwT and no Dance Ver. I want so bad to make a vid about it! I guess I have to wait for the Next PV BD Collection.

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Oh My Stars!

Bill and Heather Re-united!

I can”t!

I literally can’t!

The moment I was waiting for since episode 1 is finally here! And it did not disappoint! Sure it took them until the very last episode (An awesome episode) to deliver but I am so happy right now! Everything is just so right, right now! And their reunion happened in the exact context that I was hoping it would, by the now Godly Heather coming to Bill’s rescue where The Doctor can’t!

Oh my stars…