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So, That Cersei/Tyene Scene

The Queen’s Kiss. No Better Way to Go!

Yes, I do watch Game of Thrones, I am not pre-historic you know! But where I am different from the rest of the billions of fans is that I got into this show because of Cersei! I stayed because of Cersei! I am writing about it now because of Cersei!

Yes, I adore her, I support her, I am happy she is queen because let’s be honest, the world of Game of Thrones is the kind that demands leaders like her! Goodie two shoes don’t cut it! This is not Heaven! Sorry Jon, I know you are probably going to be King and to you too Dany, I know you went through hell but your worlds are fantasies. Sure Dany seems to have potential these days and Sansa has that spark in her but they are not there yet! For now Cersei will rule while the babies grow up and until then, I am all for her as Queen! This world as it is needs her to rule! When the current world is done then the next Gen can start happening!

Anyway, I am here to talk about something that happened in the latest episode. In retrospect, it is not that big a deal. We have already had gay moment in GoT as you all know but MUH Cersei just pulled one trick from her her hellish sleeve that I just have to talk about it!

Hey, you know me, I love me some bad girls! Diva (Blood+), Willow (Buffy), Shiori (Utena), Chikane (Himemiya), Homura-chan…And no, I still do not think Homura is bad but since others seem to think it I can still use her as an example!

Anyway I love bad girls but what was interesting to me is that if you did not know what was going on here and watched Cersei and Tyene in this episode, things would come off as completely different. Something like say, this…

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Keyakitte Kakenai? 90 + Pics

170731 欅って、書けない?【私だってロケに行きたい!2人ロケフィーリングカップル】.ts - 00227
170731 欅って、書けない?【私だってロケに行きたい!2人ロケフィーリングカップル】.ts - 00258 170731 欅って、書けない?【私だってロケに行きたい!2人ロケフィーリングカップル】.ts - 00285
170731 欅って、書けない?【私だってロケに行きたい!2人ロケフィーリングカップル】.ts - 00055
Couple Battle No. ‘I don’t even know anymore!’
411d839c01275eddb929327a34912d5e a6987c5839a5a3e8218c123202ca9c8c
Ozeki/** Album

Seriously, there have been so many shipping episodes I have lost count with this group! It’s no longer news at this point how gay Keyakizaka 46 is!

Also included are pics of my Kami Ozeki with other members.

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Code Blue Season 3 EP01 720p HDTV x264 AAC-DoA.mkv - 00380a
Code Blue Season 3 EP01 720p HDTV x264 AAC-DoA.mkv - 00393a
Code Blue Season 3 EP01 720p HDTV x264 AAC-DoA.mkv - 00395a
Code Blue Season 3 EP01 720p HDTV x264 AAC-DoA.mkv - 00399a
Code Blue Season 3 EP01 720p HDTV x264 AAC-DoA.mkv - 00403a
Code Blue Season 3 EP01 720p HDTV x264 AAC-DoA.mkv - 00417
Code Blue Season 3 EP01 720p HDTV x264 AAC-DoA.mkv - 00439
Code Blue Season 3 EP01 720p HDTV x264 AAC-DoA.mkv - 00423
Code Blue Season 3 EP01 720p HDTV x264 AAC-DoA.mkv - 00443
will smith this meme

YEP! That happened!

Like, did I accidentally into a different universe?! This is episode one, right?! They did not just move in together in the frikkin first episode, right?! Somebody tell me this is not a dream! I need to pinch myself. Excuse me…

Okay, that…that really hurt!

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Age of Youth 2–How Not to Sequel

Season 2

I was literally salivating when I heard we were getting a second season of that lovely whacky drama AGE OF YOUTH! Like, talk about dreams coming true! So many things were left hanging at the end with Ye-eun and her newly developed phobia, Yi-na’s new change and most of all, these two’s changing dynamics!

I was so ready for these issues to be addressed, but then I got wind of what is happening in the second season and my first reaction was a reverse nose bleed (©Miyamae Kanako) followed by…


Let’s get the most important thing out of the way. They went and replaced our cute main character actress (well, mainest?) with someone else. And by that I mean REPLACED! Same character name but different actress playing her, like what even! Can you imagine going into season 2 blind, having loved season one, only to find that a different person is playing the exact same main character? MADNESS!

Now take that and add in the fact that arguably the best girl of season one was not returning as one of the main cast but a simple cameo!! Having gone through the trouble of getting her back to the share house at the end letting us know that she wasn’t going anywhere!! Like WTF even?! And yes, I am talking about Yi-na! Do you know what this means you all? No more great moments that pulled in crowds into this drama in the first place! Her’s and Ye-eun’s development was just thrown out the window! She was supposed to help Ye-eun get back to herself seeing as she was more in tune of what Ye-eun was going through!

Damn it all!

But of course things do not end there! No, that would be too good! Striking a harder blow to us of the community, they went and added four, FOUR new male characters, not including the guys from season 1 BTW! Talk about having zero reasons to watch this sequel and many to stay away!

I of course will be checking out that episode in which Yi-na makes her cameo because I know it won’t disappoint!

Oh man, this, after such a wonderful first half of 2017!

For shame JTBC, for shame!

Oh well, thank the Lord Japan is here to heal my wounds and keep me afloat with CODE BLUE 3 which has started off on a strong note too I might add! Speaking of, see you then.


Vid – Crazy In Love [Jean/Sidney]


Oh come on, you knew it was going to be done!

Jean/Diane and Sidney have put their staple on the Best Ship’s list of the year, nay, of all time! Do not believe what the reviewers are saying! Just watch this show and you are going to enjoy the living gaylights out of it! The story is not done. The first season just suddenly cut off with much more to delve into.

Despite that though, despite Jean and Sidney not really being a 100% couple, they gave us the complete course of a relationship! They flirted, they dated, they went out, they had mashing sex (un-diluted, to my compete surprise, thanks Netflix).

Seriously, there is so much here that I just want that second season to drop like, right now! I want to see where Sidney and jean go, now that Sidney finally knows who Jean is! Now that Sam knows who the mystery woman Sidney was seeing is. Now that Micheal knows of Jean’s affair and who she was banging!

Seriously, so much was left on the table it will be a crime if we do not get more of this show!

Jesus Christ Almighty this couple! Definitely too hot for TV! I tried to mince down the video but I think I failed!

Anyway, enjoy. I might talk more about the show later down the road but no promises…



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It’s Almost Time…

Code Blue Season 3

Can’t believe it’s already July! Show starts this month on the 17th!

There are already commercials on YouTube but they are blocked for Ireland so can’t watch them.

Anyway, from the character chats it seems our group is split up, as should be expected. Megumi (Aragaki) is the Lead Flight Doctor and works with the now Emergency Doctor Fuikawa (Yousuke). Aizawa (Yamashita) is a brain surgeon (show off) and as for Mihoko (Toda), she is now a Doctor in the Science of Women. No, I did not make that up. It is a thing. Most known as Ob-gyn, which is short for specialising in Obstetrics (pregnancy, child birth and postpartum period) and Gynaecology (Female Reproductive Systems).

Yeah…I have no comment on that. We all know she had previously wanted to be a Flight Doctor (the way she simply adored Mitsui-sensei) but somewhere down the road she changed her course. I wonder if they will touch upon that! Anyway, no comment.

I also have no comment at the mere chance that Megumi chose to be a Flight Doctor because of Mihoko’s admiration for one Mitsui-sensei (to the point of thinking of her as a potential waifu), nope.

No comment either of the chance that Mihoko fell harder for Megumi because of that. I mean, she had everything. She is in line to inherit her father’s position as the Director so being a Flight Doctor shouldn’t be on top of her priorities but alas.

Ahhhh…my illusions are getting out of hand here. Time to fly!