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Battle Of The Sexes Trailer

Battle of the Sexes - Official HD Trailer - 2017 - YouTube.MKV - 00017
Battle of the Sexes - Official HD Trailer - 2017 - YouTube.MKV - 00005 Battle of the Sexes - Official HD Trailer - 2017 - YouTube.MKV - 00006
Battle of the Sexes - Official HD Trailer - 2017 - YouTube.MKV - 00015
Battle of the Sexes - Official HD Trailer - 2017 - YouTube.MKV - 00013 Battle of the Sexes - Official HD Trailer - 2017 - YouTube.MKV - 00023
Battle of the Sexes - Official HD Trailer - 2017 - YouTube.MKV - 00029
Battle of the Sexes

  • Award Winning Actress – Kim Min-hee Emma Stone
  • Award Winning Director – Park Chan-wook Jonathan/Faris
  • Award Winning Writer – Park Chan-wook Simon Beaufoy

yes gif

You all remember, just last year, that I was praying that more competent Directors would take on LGBT projects after Mr Park Chan-wook gave us the Award Winning Ahgassi/The Handmaiden?!!! Just last year!!! And we already have that wish of mine answered!

God is in Heaven and Almost all is right with the world!

Yeah, I have had one interesting weekend but that won’t make it here. If you are interested, go to my twitter feed (look to the left of the page). But be warned, I was…still am kind of out of it so there might be some censoring needed.

No, we are here to talk about this new trailer that just dropped! Interestingly I saw this when I went to watch Justice League so more things that are interesting that came out of this weekend.

Tis is looking to be the Feminism at MAXIMUM kind of movie. The trailer is already eye-roll inducing but that can be excused in favour of the other important theme which is same sex relationships. So not only is the movie tackling Feminism issues, which I think will take up most of the plot (It is in the title for crying out loud), there will also be the LGBT issue and we shall just have to wait and see if they will have the guts to tackle both issues head on and not let the Lesbianism go un-scrutinised in the background.

Our Leading Lady Emma Stone’s character already touched upon this in the trailer, about how she can’t have the things she loves because of her dreams but that is not telling at all.

Yes, I am aware that The Handmaiden did not touch that issue but that was different. The issue of people of the same sex not loving one another did not seem to be relevant at all but here, if the issue of Feminism is so strongly evident, then the LGBT should also be at the fore front and it has to come up as a bump in the road of Emma’s character fighting for gender equality! Can you imagine if a dick of a character that is Steven’s caught wind of that?!

But judging by the Directors and the Writer, and thinking of the fact that The Handmaiden and Moonlight, movies cherished and winning awards exist, then my hopes are high!

Ladies and gentlemen, we have another Super quality GAY movie coming our way and this almost erases all the stuff that has happened in the last 48 hours!

I can’t wait…

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MOON YOUNG Out For Pre-order


I can already hear those who do not know about this movie asking: Yes, yes, we know it is Kim Tae-ri and that is all well and good but IS IT YURI? Well dear kind Reader, Kim Tae-ri DOES KISS A WOMAN in the movie and there is jellies thrown around so…

Oops, spoilers? Sorry about that. But really, this movie is way too old now. I knew about it before I even knew about Kim Tae-ri or even The Handmaiden! That’s right, way back in 2015 I watched this movie, or tried to but I never finished it and thus did not see KISS that definitely would have won it a blog post.

yeah, before she blew up with her role as Sook-hee, Kim was already out and about kissing older women and we did not even know about it!

For shame really.

You betcha though that I immediately went looking for that movie and it was hard because what I found available was shit quality. The video got funky towards the end so I had to hunt down the original that was released way back then and thankfully I found it.

And now that there are English subtitles coming out way, you can bet it is going to be written about. Makes sense to do this before The Handmaiden.

Seriously though, just look at her. She was so young then. I wonder when this short movie was actually shot. I don’t think it was in 2015.

Anyway, already got my copy so thank you Plain Archive. Though, A Blu-ray would have been much more appreciated!

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Age of Youth 2–How Not to Sequel

Season 2

I was literally salivating when I heard we were getting a second season of that lovely whacky drama AGE OF YOUTH! Like, talk about dreams coming true! So many things were left hanging at the end with Ye-eun and her newly developed phobia, Yi-na’s new change and most of all, these two’s changing dynamics!

I was so ready for these issues to be addressed, but then I got wind of what is happening in the second season and my first reaction was a reverse nose bleed (©Miyamae Kanako) followed by…


Let’s get the most important thing out of the way. They went and replaced our cute main character actress (well, mainest?) with someone else. And by that I mean REPLACED! Same character name but different actress playing her, like what even! Can you imagine going into season 2 blind, having loved season one, only to find that a different person is playing the exact same main character? MADNESS!

Now take that and add in the fact that arguably the best girl of season one was not returning as one of the main cast but a simple cameo!! Having gone through the trouble of getting her back to the share house at the end letting us know that she wasn’t going anywhere!! Like WTF even?! And yes, I am talking about Yi-na! Do you know what this means you all? No more great moments that pulled in crowds into this drama in the first place! Her’s and Ye-eun’s development was just thrown out the window! She was supposed to help Ye-eun get back to herself seeing as she was more in tune of what Ye-eun was going through!

Damn it all!

But of course things do not end there! No, that would be too good! Striking a harder blow to us of the community, they went and added four, FOUR new male characters, not including the guys from season 1 BTW! Talk about having zero reasons to watch this sequel and many to stay away!

I of course will be checking out that episode in which Yi-na makes her cameo because I know it won’t disappoint!

Oh man, this, after such a wonderful first half of 2017!

For shame JTBC, for shame!

Oh well, thank the Lord Japan is here to heal my wounds and keep me afloat with CODE BLUE 3 which has started off on a strong note too I might add! Speaking of, see you then.

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Gypsy Trailer [Netflix Series]

Gypsy - Official Trailer [HD] - Netflix - YouTube.MKV - 00012
Gypsy - Official Trailer [HD] - Netflix - YouTube.MKV - 00024 GYPSY Trailer (2017) Naomi Watts, Netflix New TV Series - YouTube.MKV - 00008
Gypsy - Official Trailer [HD] - Netflix - YouTube.MKV - 00031

I hope you all are ready for some awesome drama end of this month! The Trailer for Netflix-exclusive sultry thriller ‘Gypsy’ dropped and man, does it have me so pumped! Seriously, shows this month have been on point! And now we are getting a brand new show, all episodes dropping the same day (May the Lord bless Netflix!) and does the show look delicious!

From the trailer alone I know this is going down as one of my favourites! From 1min30s of footage I am already in love with Jean (Naomi Watts) and Sydney (Sophie Cookson). Hell, I won’t be surprised if there are already fics of the two!

And while the plot synopsis will have you think otherwise, there is going to be a good deal of these two, I can already tell from the fact that Sydney is also in all 10 episodes! She isn’t just another patient!

This show is going to be glorious!

Anyway, jump over for the trailer and some more caps…

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It’s The Age of Yuri II

fullsizephoto720136 fullsizephoto776401
53rd Baeksang Arts Awards WINNERS!!

First of all, I have not been active because DIVA (My PC) is fucked! I am in the middle of purchasing parts to upgrade so I won’t be up and running until two weeks out! So these days, when I am desperate, I hit the cafes (didn’t even think they still existed!) but mostly I am on twitter and tumblr on my also old phone (also to be upgraded this weekend).

So yeah, do not worry, if you were ^_^. I am alive and kicking and trying not to die from not having a PC!!

Anyway, this being about Ahgassi, I just had to write about it! The 53rd Baeksang Arts Awards (AKA Korean Golden Globes) just happened and there was not one, or two, but THREE yuri movies that won during the ceremony!

These movies are listed above and as if making up for the shenanigans of the actual Golden Globes, in that they did not even bother to nominate The Handmaiden, my all time favourite movie ever took the night by winning the GRAND PRIZE! That’s right, every other movie ate Ahgassi’s dust!

Looks like Wonder Woman will be a tad bit late to the party because Justice has already been served!

I am so happy that I am not even going to try to think of how Kim Tae-ri did not win Best New Actress this time around after winning everything since The Handmaiden came out, nor the fact that Kim Min-hee did not take the Leading Actress prize! Then again, there would have been complaints I am sure since she is no stranger to winning Best Actress in these Korean Golden Globes! She has in fact won twice already, the first time being for yet another yuri movie – Hellcats AKA I Like It Hot!

Interestingly, and thus making me care even less is that fact that the person that stole Kim Tae-ri’s awards is actually in our next film – Our Love Story! Lee Sang-hee II won the prize for Best New Actress for her role as Yoon-joo in Our Love Story! So really, no reason to complain! Also The Handmaiden basically won the overall prize which you can take as it winning every category!

As for the third and final film, the movie that made me cry and sign in awe at the awesome story progression and surprising performances from such young leads, The World Of Us won Best Screenplay totally validating my fan-gasming over its brilliance or story telling!

See this the rest of the world? Get to it already! Japan, France, Thailand, everyone else, give us our yuri movies, good yuri movies, that have good endings! No more beating around the bush and getting cold feet…

See you in a few…

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Fantasy v Reality


Dear Readers,

I cannot tell anymore what is fantasy and what is reality! In a world where your dreams come true very often kind of makes fantasy and reality blur that line between them! In a time where you get a Fingersmith movie adaptation by one Park Chan-wook, a time where you get gems like ‘Chikyuu de tatta Futari” and “A Girl at My Door“, like, these are all things that I only fantasized about only years ago.

And today, dear Friends, today I just found this wonderful post on Plain Archive’s Instagram! You all do not know this but every week in the top posts for the day, that is posts read most during the day, ‘More On The Silenced‘ has been in the top 10 even just the day before yesterday it was up there.

This means that people really are still interested in this movie despite having been out for a long while. I already own the DVD, if you remember my post about that but I was kind of not expecting a Bluray at all and only dreamed of the possibility!

No more dreaming for me! Plain Archive is on the ball and you know what this means – Subtitles!!! Yes, official subs for this hidden gem of a movie! I liked that post then went to their site to pre-order faster than I am supposed to be able to!

But when I got there, it was not in the pre-order list! was I TOO SOON™? I think I was too!

I am now content to wait for their version of Ahgassi and the American version in August if I am going to be getting The Silenced soon.

Just look at that fabulous swag though >.< I can’t wait to get my grabby paws on them. Bluray of The Silenced…




CODE BLUE Season 3!!!

Code Blue 2.E04.Bluray.1080p.10bit.x264.mkv - 00000 Code Blue.SP.Bluray.1080p.10bit.x264.mkv - 00002
C6hn39IU4AEoU1O.jpg large

Seven years!!

It’s been seven whole years since the second season of Code Blue aired!! And now we are getting a third season?! Yes dearest Readers, our favourite Doctors are back with us starting July!


The nostalgia! Nothing can beat this feeling, maybe if Joss announced a 9th season of Buffy as yesterday was it’s 10 year anniversary! other than that, nothing can beat this feeling!

Oh Lord, those were the times. around that time when the first season aired back in 2008 was when I first got into AKB and Japanese TV. Todi (Toda Erika) and Gakki (Aragaki Yui) were the rave back then! And don’t get me started on the male characters!! This was the drama to watch back then!

Looks like I am going to have some help getting back to my old self, eh? What better way than the help of a series I was watching back then? And of course you know why I was watching this!

Megumi (Gakki) and Mihoko (Todi).

Unless you count The X-Files, this is the only medical drama I have ever gotten into and it was all because of Gakki and Todi because like I said, they were the IT back then! Truthfully I have not seen much of their work since then although,, interestingly, there is this movie of Gakki’s that I only watched last week and was kind of post worthy.

Anyway I remember how much Megumi x Mihoko we got in the second season, especially after that SP that aired after the first. But for some reason I don’ remember anything from the first season. You know what this means! Since I have every single episode and the S, I am so re-watching this to re-ignite the flames of this ship before it hits us again in July!

I am both excited and scared though. How are they going to handle the time gap between then and now? Seeing as the followed the timelines from the first to the second season, it would not surprise me if the gave us the 7 years later card but I also think going either way, be it continuing on from where we left of or jump will both work!

If they go for the time jump, how will our girls be relationship-wise? Mihoko’s parents were already pestering her to marry back then (even though she was adamantly against it) and there was always this cloud between Megumi and Dude1 even though it never got anywhere, which really, really, surprised me! This has got to be the first series I have seen where the expected did not actually happen!

Meanwhile we were getting so much Megumi x Mihoko, especially in the second season that China was going mad with this ship! I totally remember the sites I used to frequent back then just to see what they had cooked up on our girls!

But really, who could blame them? These two were just too much…

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