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Utada Hikaru – 2hr Vacation MV

宇多田ヒカル - 二時間だけのバカンス featuring 椎名林檎 - YouTube.MKV - 00054
宇多田ヒカル - 二時間だけのバカンス featuring 椎名林檎 - YouTube.MKV - 00005 宇多田ヒカル - 二時間だけのバカンス featuring 椎名林檎 - YouTube.MKV - 00004
宇多田ヒカル - 二時間だけのバカンス featuring 椎名林檎 - YouTube.MKV - 00065
宇多田ヒカル - 二時間だけのバカンス featuring 椎名林檎 - YouTube.MKV - 00020 宇多田ヒカル - 二時間だけのバカンス featuring 椎名林檎 - YouTube.MKV - 00038
宇多田ヒカル - 二時間だけのバカンス featuring 椎名林檎 - YouTube.MKV - 00031
Artistically GAY!

Oh my goodness! Did, did Utada Hikaru, did the one and only Utada-sama just release a gay Music Video? A gay music video in which she herself stars?!! Herself and another big name in the music industry? Another big name in one Shiina Ringo, a singer with 15 singles and 5 albums, three of which are chart toppers with the other two being in 2nd and 3rd positions?!

What is going on this year?!

Technically this MV has been out for a while but it is still 2017 so there will be credit where credit is due! Seriously, this year’s first half has been stellar when it comes to yuri! And while japan has been left out in that regard, it seems in the music side it has been quite busy actually! Which is okay in my book. Variety is the name of the game! Let other countries provide in movies and TV shows and have Japan give us MVs.

I will take it!

Utada Hikaru, Shiina Ringo, Incredible Cinematic levels of awesome cinematography, throw in a dash of yuri and you have yourself the makings of a SSS class music video! And Spectacular this MV is! Music is a no brainer with Utada-sama and Shiina-sama collaborating but then there is that cinematography!

My God! This MV looks beautiful! Yeah sure one might say they cheated with the sci-fi themes since one can rarely go wrong there but come on! There are many sci-fi themed MV and not all of them pull it off! Sure most times you can blame the budget but for a 5 minute length of VFX, surely one can do much better! Either way 2 Hour Vacation showed all how to do a Sci-fi music video!

The two women look so good together and their voices, oh goodness their voices!! Just thinking of these two together in a yuri MV has me all denying reality! Seriously, things like this are very rare! The only other times collabs have hit me hard like this are when Uchiyama Rina and Mizukawa Asami had that earth shattering kiss in Shinku~ The Deep Red and legends Zack Snyder, Chris Terrio and Hans Zimmer teaming up to bring us Batman and Superman together for the first time on the big screen!

That’s how hard this 2 Hour Vacation Music Video hit me! I am literally having it on infinity replay as I write this playing on the side and yet I still can’t believe it!

Now of course there is no explicit yuri and one would be unreasonable hoping for it with Utada Hikaru and Shiina Ringo but they went as far as they could go! No yuri goggles are needed here! You can just feel the love there! they are doing what couples do out in public, hold hands, have cute moments, sit close together, cuddle as they watch the night sky, stare longingly into each other’s eyes…All the good stuff!

Now take that already given WINs and add in their lovely voices as they sooth your soul and the incredible visuals massage your eyes into oblivion! That is this MV in a nutshell!

Enough talk, jump over for all caps and the PV.

See ya…

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【Full ver.】“LADY BABY BLUE ” The Idol Formerly Known As LADYBABY【作詞・作曲:大森靖子】 - YouTube.MP4 - 00120
【Full ver.】“LADY BABY BLUE ” The Idol Formerly Known As LADYBABY【作詞・作曲:大森靖子】 - YouTube.MP4 - 00010 【Full ver.】“LADY BABY BLUE ” The Idol Formerly Known As LADYBABY【作詞・作曲:大森靖子】 - YouTube.MP4 - 00052
【Full ver.】“LADY BABY BLUE ” The Idol Formerly Known As LADYBABY【作詞・作曲:大森靖子】 - YouTube.MP4 - 00022 充電なんか終わりだよ【Full ver.】“Easter Bunny _ イースターバニー” The Idol Formerly Known As LADYBABY - YouTube.MP4 - 00036
【Full ver.】“LADY BABY BLUE ” The Idol Formerly Known As LADYBABY【作詞・作曲:大森靖子】 - YouTube.MP4 - 00154
【Full ver.】“LADY BABY BLUE ” The Idol Formerly Known As LADYBABY【作詞・作曲:大森靖子】 - YouTube.MP4 - 00042 充電なんか終わりだよ【Full ver.】“Easter Bunny _ イースターバニー” The Idol Formerly Known As LADYBABY - YouTube.MP4 - 00007
【Full ver.】“LADY BABY BLUE ” The Idol Formerly Known As LADYBABY【作詞・作曲:大森靖子】 - YouTube.MP4 - 00128

Do you all remember that post I made about these girls way back when? I didn’t even know that they were an Idol group, probably were only being formed back then but even after they did, I missed their time as LADYBABY and only got back to them after LADY BEARD left then and their name changed to The Idol Formerly Known as LADYBABY.

Ah but make no mistake, I have known Rei-chan (Black haired) way, way back even before that Escape Dream MV was ever conceived! Before she became this type of idol, she was a different kind of Idol. Try looking up “IMBD Kuromiya Rei” Yes, that’s IMBD not IMDB! Don’t let Google try to correct you! Some of those videos I think are on A!O but I believe they got her surname wrong there. I am sure you will get to them with ‘Rei’ but there are some Reis in H!P so look carefully!

As for the other part of this equation, Kaneko Rie, I don’t know but about her, except for the impossible fact that I think she is cuter than Rei! Rei, Rie, they should have named them K2R or R2 or something!

So anyway, before yesterday, there I was just enjoying some of their subtexty PVs like ‘Easter Bunny’ (See end of post for video) when they went and did the thing! They went and brought Omori Seiko into the mix! Like, you know what is going to happen when you bring Omori Seiko in!

GAYNESS happens!

Like, it wasn’t even an official PV, but rather kind of a behind the scenes video put together but with Seiko music! And yet, and yet, this was times and times more gayer than all their PVs combined! How many times did they kiss? I don’t even…

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Just a Reminder…


…that a perfect MV already is out there!

Having watched my favorite movie, and having read my favorite book, I couldn’t help but think of my favorite MV too! And strangely, when I re-watched them, they seemed strange to me as if I did not watch them endlessly when they first came into my life! Good thing because I feel a strange new love for it now, especially after seeing that the two parts remind of me The Handmaiden, in that they compliment each other with one filling in the blanks of the other.

I love this MV, these vids and the song!

Abandoned“, “The Footsteps of my dear Love” and “All I Want” are among my top five songs ever! I could listen to them none stop on a loop!




The World’s Greatest Baka!

20170406_000733 20170406_000811

I’m a class A Ba~ka!

Why? Well, guess who just bought The Handmaiden record?


Guess who doesn’t own a Record Player?


Like, what even me? What was you thinking me?

I do not know and I do not care! I just had to own this record! The jacket is out of this world! It is after all based on that scene, that impossible bathtub scene with the tooth! I will never ever get over that scene!

The jacket is too big to scan so you will have to settle for phone pics I am afraid! But really, just watch the movie and you will get the exact pic in HD!

I love this movie!

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♫ I Feel Like Listening to Sad Songs! ♫

Me too Mayuki, me too!

I did not think the song would really be that sad but by the gods! Even with my half-assed Japanese I am already feeling choked up! But it is when thinking of Yukirin as a fan and all these past years and what has come that the FEELs really hit you! But then when you add in the possible future, in the case that this song is kind of telling (which I don’t think it is and don’t want it to) and my dearest Reader, you are a goner!

I am waiting for my people to translate the lyrics but in case some of you want to try Google translate (Do it verse by verse) then the Japanese Lyrics are after the jump! So are the songs too to those who don’t know where to find them!

Damn though, this is one sad song, and it is so good! I can listen to the instrumentals all day and then add in the fact that Mayuyu and Yukirin actually sing this seriously with feeling and if you do not get choked up even a bit listening to this then you my dear friend, are in need of dire help!

They are so good together here and I am still scratching my head with pure wonder as to why we have yet to have a Mayuki single! Like, WTF even AKS! like, this SSK Election single would have been the perfect chance, it being the 48th single and all but we are talking about AKS here! Actually listening to this song, I just realised how so appropriate the Green Flash Covers (See pic) would have been had this been an actual MAYUKI single! Type A with Mayuyu. Type B with Yukirin then Type C with Mayuki half put together and the image turning full Mayuyu or Yukirin with the trick of the light when you turn it one way or the other!

Get to this AKS!!!

Seriously, what a lovely song! it is so going on to my To-Go Playlist! In case you happen to see a sad person listening to music on the Bus dear Dubliners, you now know who!

Have a listen before you jump over for the lyrics and bytes!

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NGT48 Debut Single

NGT48『青春時計』MUSIC VIDEO _ NGT48[公式].MKV - 00077 NGT48『青春時計』MUSIC VIDEO _ NGT48[公式].MKV - 00076
NGT48『青春時計』MUSIC VIDEO _ NGT48[公式].MKV - 00040
NGT48『青春時計』MUSIC VIDEO _ NGT48[公式].MKV - 00009 NGT48『青春時計』MUSIC VIDEO _ NGT48[公式].MKV - 00092
NGT48『青春時計』MUSIC VIDEO _ NGT48[公式].MKV - 00081

Seishun Tokei 青春時計

So the covers and full PV for NGT48’s debut single are out and I totally love it! Such great amount of Yukirin it’s almost shocking! Seriously, it’s even more than what she gets in a frikkin AKB single PV it’s madness! I’m not sure if they are making up for the 315 incident or if I have to thank Sony for getting shit done but either way I am very happy and thank whoever is responsible!

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