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Help, I am chocking! And I don’t even know why!

Seriously, I was eating when I started watching this new Frozen short (Olaf’s Adventures) and suddenly I was laughing to myself which led to chocking on my food!


Okay, Maybe when I get to write about this I will have an answer. Nay, I probably already do have an answer!

Let it go Disney, the cat’s out of the bag on Elsanna!


PARKS [J-Movie]

PARKS パークス.mkv - 00911
PARKS パークス.mkv - 00939 PARKS パークス.mkv - 00932
PARKS パークス.mkv - 00351 PARKS パークス.mkv - 00739
PARKS パークス.mkv - 00286
PARKS パークス.mkv - 00403 PARKS パークス.mkv - 00679
PARKS パークス.mkv - 00778 PARKS パークス.mkv - 00800
PARKS パークス.mkv - 00809

Hashimoto Ai and Nagano Mei in the same movie!

The two taking top billing as the main characters!!

It is their story – A story of Haru (Mei’s character) storming into and sparking a flame of life, into Jun’s (Ai’s character) life!!!

Literally a full manual in front of you to make a great yuri story!!!!

Then fucking it up!!!!!

What happened to my Japan? Sure Japan has a huge history of bad story resolutions, which I think always comes down to wet feet but it is not like they don’t have good resolutions! Like, my favourite Japanese Movie, My 4th Commandment, has an ending to end all endings and the characters in that movie not only played step-sisters in the movie but they are actually real sisters! If a movie with those elements managed to give us a great, BEST ending, why are you getting cold feet these days?

Like, we all know how it is A-okay to yaoi and yuri when you are young as opposed to when you grow up, where the term ‘it was just a phase’ comes from, why is it then that these days it is the adult movies that get the good yuri stories with great endings as opposed to general audience movies?!

I mean, in the last few years almost all young cast yuri movies (read Shishunki Gokko and more on this site) have had BAD ENDS whereas adult movies like Aka x Pinku, Torture Club and White Lily (New & a post coming soon) have frikkin GREAT yuri and ENDs! like, I don’t get it!

Are you trying to fight homophobia in adults and tell them it is okay now to not bury your real selves by making porn with plot movies? That is a noble cause but why sacrifice the young gen in the process? It makes no sense to instill phobia in people when they are young by showing only the negative aspects if same sex relationships because then what is the point if they are already scared when they grow up?

And there I go getting side-tracked again, but seriously, look at the caps above! Look at the potential! In fact I am just going to talk about the wasted potential for this post so I can make it short…

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The Villainess [K-movie]

The.Villainess.2017.1080p.BluRay.DTS-HD.MA5.1.x264-HDS.mkv - 00131
The.Villainess.2017.1080p.BluRay.DTS-HD.MA5.1.x264-HDS.mkv - 00116 The.Villainess.2017.1080p.BluRay.DTS-HD.MA5.1.x264-HDS.mkv - 00119
The.Villainess.2017.1080p.BluRay.DTS-HD.MA5.1.x264-HDS.mkv - 00064 The.Villainess.2017.1080p.BluRay.DTS-HD.MA5.1.x264-HDS.mkv - 00015
The.Villainess.2017.1080p.BluRay.DTS-HD.MA5.1.x264-HDS.mkv - 00103 The.Villainess.2017.1080p.BluRay.DTS-HD.MA5.1.x264-HDS.mkv - 00121
The.Villainess.2017.1080p.BluRay.DTS-HD.MA5.1.x264-HDS.mkv - 00085

If you have seen this movie already (and if you haven’t, like, what!?!) then you might think that it is not worthy writing about so why do I have it here?

In that case first thing – it is actually worthy a write because it is so the late 90s type of ‘subtext’ yuri! Nay, you don’t even have to go that far back to find this level of yuri being a thing. it has all the signs of things back then! The circumstances are so hard against the girls, like one has a child, has a man in her life (mostly), there is a BAD END and the screen-time is horrible but despite that there is a silver lining!

Of Fan Fiction Possibilities!

But if I am being honest, even though it has debatable yuri (if you think lesbians are all about kissing, making out and confessions that is), the real reason I am writing about it is two things. One – Kim Ok-bin! Two – the irony!

It is no secret that I adore this woman! I have watched all projects of hers that I know of! Mt favourite role of hers is of course Whispering Corridors 4 – Voice followed by her dark side as a vampire in Thirst (by Park Chan-wook) and then her role as her self in 2009’s Actresses.

Those last two roles are a part of why I am writing about this movie! First Park Chan-wook’s Thirst and the way he brought her all out of her for that role. I saw how Mr Park was very fond of her. Then came The Actresses, where she met, and kind of crushed on, none other than Kim Min-hee! They made it on my list of shippable real life actresses! Especially since there was that promise between them two to co-star in a lesbian movie (pitched by Ok-bin herself).

Then came the The Handmaiden! Even after watching some of the trailers, and I believe after seeing the movie still, maybe, I wished, still wished, and kind of am wishing now, that Mar Park had managed to get Ok-bin for the role of either Hideko or Sook-hee because she could pull of either. She is in reality younger than Kim-Min-hee but on appearances she does come off more as Lady-like, Hideko –like whereas Kim Min-hee could have also pulled off a younger Sook-hee due to appearances!

So, there I was wishing that Ok—bin had grabbed that Sook-hee role and then here comes her first major role in what seems like forever and what is her character’s name in The Villainess?

Sook-hee! SOOK-HEE!

I kid you not! That is her character’s name in this movie! Like, ‘you can’t make this shit up’ as the saying goes! I had to pinch myself to make sure I wasn’t just dreaming! This is just so funny it kind of hurts! Couldn’t get her to play along-side Min-hee but got her to play the character…well, a character with the same name!

I just had to share this moment if disbelief! But beyond that, I quite enjoyed this movie and even though I went in for the action (you won’t believe it but I did not know this was Ok-bin until like a 3rd into the movie when her hair grew longer!!!) but instead what I found was one of my Celebrity crushes Kim- Ok-bin and then some sprinkle of painful yuri!

Yes, like I said there is a BAD END but this is a movie about assassins so it comes with the territory! I was just surprised the main character, Sook-hee (chuckle) even survived by the end. And not only that, there is also the fact that Sook-hee not only had a child from another man (who is waaaaaaay older than her) but she also was with another man, and even though it was a planned relationship, she still fell for him and him her so…

Ah but what else is new, right? veteran yuri citizens know this already and it felt like beating a dead horse after all the progress we have had so I just ignored that and just enjoyed the yuri and action!

The other relevant girl is Min-ju played by Son Min-ji. She was the only one who broke into Sook-hee’s hardened shell at the training facility and dare say, in addition to the baby and that man, she also helped put  a smile of Sook-hee’s face, after a shit of a life she had gone through.

They had their moments that would make even the hardened still ship them, despite there being no hope for them in the movie. First and most important, Min-ju did not just die! She dies saving Sook-hee, and it was one of the bravest ways to go! She jumped between a knife and Sook-hee, a knife that went right through her throat, a moment I knew there was no going back from that, even as she held on long enough to have a final goodbye, which was surprising! I am sure a person would die instantly from that!

In addition to putting a smile back on Sook-hee’s face, Min-ju was also the first person I saw that made her cry again since her father’s death when she was just a young girl. Oh yes, this movie is intense! The things Sook-hee went through as a child…

Anyway, her dying saving Sook-hee was the best act of love in the whole damn movie and so I ship them! The next big moment was during Sook-hee’s release where in front of everyone they shared a moment, HOLDING HANDS, an action actually instigated by Sook-hee herself. Makes me really wish that we got more of their relationship in the facility because they seemed to have grown way closer! Sook-hee asks Min-ju to call her when she gets released into the world in a moment so gay yet so open to the world that…

The third happens much earlier when Sook-hee hasn’t yet learned to smile. They are training and the Bitch-Queen (who later of course strikes up a connection to Sook-hee – befriending) makes Min-ju bleed! Sook-hee wasn’t happy about that. They weren’t yet on speaking terms back then actually and I think this was the moment that they actually connected. Anyway Sook-hee takes up the wooden sword and makes B-Girl bleed right where she made Min-ju bleed! And before she does as she picks up the sword she shares this look with Min-ju that just…

The other comes later when they meet again after Min-ju is released but it is on an assignment! The smile, that pure smile of happiness that Sook-hee gives Min-ju at seeing her again, the heartfelt hug…They took that happiness from us way too soon, as that was the mission that would be their last.

So yeah, no hopes in this movie that I totally loved what we got! This is old school type of yuri. I grew up on it. It defined me! So to me it is yuri.

Anyway, that is all. Jump over for all caps…


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Battle Of The Sexes Trailer

Battle of the Sexes - Official HD Trailer - 2017 - YouTube.MKV - 00017
Battle of the Sexes - Official HD Trailer - 2017 - YouTube.MKV - 00005 Battle of the Sexes - Official HD Trailer - 2017 - YouTube.MKV - 00006
Battle of the Sexes - Official HD Trailer - 2017 - YouTube.MKV - 00015
Battle of the Sexes - Official HD Trailer - 2017 - YouTube.MKV - 00013 Battle of the Sexes - Official HD Trailer - 2017 - YouTube.MKV - 00023
Battle of the Sexes - Official HD Trailer - 2017 - YouTube.MKV - 00029
Battle of the Sexes

  • Award Winning Actress – Kim Min-hee Emma Stone
  • Award Winning Director – Park Chan-wook Jonathan/Faris
  • Award Winning Writer – Park Chan-wook Simon Beaufoy

yes gif

You all remember, just last year, that I was praying that more competent Directors would take on LGBT projects after Mr Park Chan-wook gave us the Award Winning Ahgassi/The Handmaiden?!!! Just last year!!! And we already have that wish of mine answered!

God is in Heaven and Almost all is right with the world!

Yeah, I have had one interesting weekend but that won’t make it here. If you are interested, go to my twitter feed (look to the left of the page). But be warned, I was…still am kind of out of it so there might be some censoring needed.

No, we are here to talk about this new trailer that just dropped! Interestingly I saw this when I went to watch Justice League so more things that are interesting that came out of this weekend.

Tis is looking to be the Feminism at MAXIMUM kind of movie. The trailer is already eye-roll inducing but that can be excused in favour of the other important theme which is same sex relationships. So not only is the movie tackling Feminism issues, which I think will take up most of the plot (It is in the title for crying out loud), there will also be the LGBT issue and we shall just have to wait and see if they will have the guts to tackle both issues head on and not let the Lesbianism go un-scrutinised in the background.

Our Leading Lady Emma Stone’s character already touched upon this in the trailer, about how she can’t have the things she loves because of her dreams but that is not telling at all.

Yes, I am aware that The Handmaiden did not touch that issue but that was different. The issue of people of the same sex not loving one another did not seem to be relevant at all but here, if the issue of Feminism is so strongly evident, then the LGBT should also be at the fore front and it has to come up as a bump in the road of Emma’s character fighting for gender equality! Can you imagine if a dick of a character that is Steven’s caught wind of that?!

But judging by the Directors and the Writer, and thinking of the fact that The Handmaiden and Moonlight, movies cherished and winning awards exist, then my hopes are high!

Ladies and gentlemen, we have another Super quality GAY movie coming our way and this almost erases all the stuff that has happened in the last 48 hours!

I can’t wait…

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A Welcome back present?


Took its sweet time but my Plain Archive DVD of MOON YOUNG just arrived, right when I was about to contact them telling them that my purchase is taking a unusually long time to arrive.

This was shipped weeks ago, even the Bluray I bought after it, the SIFF 2016 one already arrived but this was nowhere to be seen. Oh well, not like I would have been able to do anything with it. My DIVA was down for the count and just recently got fixed so it is almost like someone up there was saving me the pain of having the DVD but not being able to watch it. Needless to say after this I am totally watching it.

And since every time I see Kim Tae-ri I want to re-watch The Handmaiden, you know what is going down tonight! And with that I say bye to thee…

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