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The Twin Bracelets [HK-Movie]

The Twin Bracelet.1991.avi - 00122 The Twin Bracelet.1991.avi - 00293
The Twin Bracelet.1991.avi - 00221 The Twin Bracelet.1991.avi - 00281
The Twin Bracelet.1991.avi - 00131 The Twin Bracelet.1991.avi - 00252
The Twin Bracelet.1991.avi - 00225
The Twin Bracelets 雙鐲

Was just going through my movie collection the other day as my nights are getting boring with nothing to keep an eye out on. I basically now only have Nogi and Keyaki shows to watch weekly then it’s dead silence! Nothing is enticing on Western TV other than that new Star Trek show (Michelle Yeoh is always to die for but alas, she is already dead by episode 2 thus no reason to keep watching) so I am very bored and so I decided to go through my collection starting with movies!

I settled on trying out those old ones, in all their AVI/DivX goodness (ah the old days) and two movies reminded me of how good a movie can hit you in the gut no matter how many times you watch it. The Twin Bracelets is one of the two the other being the 2009 Malaysian movie The Convert!

Both of these movies have things in common, things I put a movie in my favourites category. These two things among all that these two movie have in particular are LGBT (More L than G but I like both) and Social Commentary. By Social Commentary I do not mean anything and anything that simulates the current world we live in. I am talking about movie that take on the ‘issues’ of the current society of the country of origin and better yet, if out protagonist overcomes said issues, finds a solution to a particular issues that concerns them, and even if that solution is not the best one, as long as the protag escapes or finds an alternate to the status quo, then that elevates the FEELs and the level of admiration I have for the movie!

Unlike most people who seek escapism of the wrong kind, I love these movies and seek them out not to escape within the fantasy that can never be real, a fantasy from which you will soon wake up once the movie is over but rather, I seek guidance and the hope and confidence to find my way out of these issues on my own, in reality. The fact that these characters go through these same issues and come out on top, some times, or sometimes fail to find solace, a failure that makes me not give up but rather to try harder and not end up like out characters (in the case where they are negatively affected and fail to find a good solution), these reasons make me love these types of movies dearly!

Now you all know why I am a Zack Snyder fan and why BvS dethroned The Dark Knight as my favourite non-lgbt movie! People shat on him and now look at America. It’s like the man is a prophet or something!

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Mitsu no Aware [J-Movie]

蜜のあわれ.mkv - 00172
蜜のあわれ.mkv - 00263 蜜のあわれ.mkv - 00053
蜜のあわれ.mkv - 00136 蜜のあわれ.mkv - 00256
蜜のあわれ.mkv - 00085
Mitsu no Aware / 蜜のあわれ / Bitter Honey

And yet another weird movie from Japan!

From the synopsis, Akago –  our main girl in red (played by Nikaido Fumi) is one with the ability to turn into a human. She is originally a goldfish. Meanwhile the other woman in the caps is Yuriko (played by Maki Youko) – a ghost from the Guy’s (That Akago is living with) past.

You would be hard pressed to think of them as such when you watch the movie without reading the plot. To me it seemed like a kind of fantasy tale of an old man and his relationship with his beloved goldfish. The movie seemed to me like being told in his delusions giving form to a fish that isn’t actually real. Though if that were the case that sex scene would have been way out of the left field, and it was already wired as it was! To be fair though even then it was shown as being a dream of some sort in that you are not really sure if they really had sex or not! The outcome is still the same anyway, Akago got prego!

As for Yuriko, I did not think that she was human at all. I thought she was the same as Akago, another goldfish that was thrown away by the old man and comes haunting Akago but then since when do things other than humans have ghosts? Not even Japan is that fantastical!

But that doesn’t really matter! it matters not that Yuriko ended up going away and that Akago got prego with the Old man or that even as he died in the end they still went on with that relationship, even if I was 100% sure it wasn’t romantic at all. The old Dude was real pissed when Akago got pregnant and I think that whatever is between them, in their dead/alive relationship, it is all on Akago’s side!

Anyway what matters is that in the end the Old man died, and not after making Akago cry bitter tears, as opposed to the tears that Yuriko made Akago cry, tears of loneliness and wanton when she left. What matters is that Yuriko and Akago had the greatest moments and most romantic. What matters is that Yuriko despite all reasoning for coming back being because of the Old man, she spent all her ghost life with Akago, fell in love with her, got emotional because of her (when she saw Akago and the Old Dude being cosy) and only got physical with only Akago.

What matters is that Akago got a great kiss from Yuriko. What matters is that that the only actual feelings of love Akago got were from Yuriko. What matters is that Akago’s first kiss was from Yuriko too. What matters is that Akago did not want Yuriko to go so desperately she pleaded, held onto her arm, cried her eyes out for her to stay but Yuriko could not. She was a Ghost and I think that Akago had helped her be able to move on. Even though I would want to see her return just to fulfill that wish of Akago’s when she asked Yuriko to return whenever she gets cold and promising to be there waiting for her.

At first I did not like this movie. I thought of it as yet another disappointment and really, the way that make-out sessions ended was one of those ways that put crinkles in your face! The fact that they dropped the ‘Friends’ bomb kind of made things worse.

But then I took a step back and looked at the bigger picture. It is somewhat understandable the way Akago reacted. Even if I saw the kiss coming from a mile away I have to admit that any other person probably would have reacted the same way. Then there is the later scenes between the two and that last scene of them. I am sure Akago’s feelings had changed and that had Yuriko not have had to go, she would have stayed and if she did, things would have been very different between them. It was obvious that the Old man did not love Akago as much as she loved him. And the way he hurt her when he found out she was pregnant was just so uncool I couldn’t pity any woman who stayed with him after that! But Akago was just too good a creature and without Yuriko she needed someone, even if the Old man is D.E.A.D!

Now only Akago is left with her child and Yuriko being a Ghost who knows, she might just pop back up in the future and then they would be 2M1K (2 Moms 1 kid to you all that don’t know)!

Anyway the movie just recently came out and is on the interwebs so it should be easy to find. Do check it out, even though I don’t think there are English subtitles yet.

That is all, jump over for more caps…


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Lover’s Concerto [K-Movie]

Lovers Conserto.mkv - 00224
Lovers Conserto.mkv - 00048 Lovers Conserto.mkv - 00130
Lovers Conserto.mkv - 00244
Lovers Conserto.mkv - 00239 Lovers Conserto.mkv - 00107
Lovers Conserto.mkv - 00209
Lover’s Concerto 연애소설

This post is courtesy of reader kaye  who reminded me of this movie that I watched what seems like millennia ago! It is no secret that I am not a fan of threesomes which might explain why I did not have this movie with me! But I did indeed watch it already even though it seems I had a different take on it during that first viewing!

A threesome this movie is not. It is a triangle but in no way a threesome! Everybody doesn’t love everybody and yes, that triangle includes a Dude! Back then I guess  I was still green because it was this threesome implication that turned me off this movie in the first place.

So I thank you kaye for reminding me of it because watching it now, it is so not what  I remember it to be and is definitely getting added to my collection. Sure it is not what most would call a GOOD END, more towards the BAD END in fact but it is so worthy the time! If you are curious you should definitely check it out.

Oh yeah, Moon Geun-young was in this! And this was the time when she was in A Tale of Two Sisters (Cute, young and upcoming in 2002). So there is that reason as well…

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MOON YOUNG Out For Pre-order


I can already hear those who do not know about this movie asking: Yes, yes, we know it is Kim Tae-ri and that is all well and good but IS IT YURI? Well dear kind Reader, Kim Tae-ri DOES KISS A WOMAN in the movie and there is jellies thrown around so…

Oops, spoilers? Sorry about that. But really, this movie is way too old now. I knew about it before I even knew about Kim Tae-ri or even The Handmaiden! That’s right, way back in 2015 I watched this movie, or tried to but I never finished it and thus did not see KISS that definitely would have won it a blog post.

yeah, before she blew up with her role as Sook-hee, Kim was already out and about kissing older women and we did not even know about it!

For shame really.

You betcha though that I immediately went looking for that movie and it was hard because what I found available was shit quality. The video got funky towards the end so I had to hunt down the original that was released way back then and thankfully I found it.

And now that there are English subtitles coming out way, you can bet it is going to be written about. Makes sense to do this before The Handmaiden.

Seriously though, just look at her. She was so young then. I wonder when this short movie was actually shot. I don’t think it was in 2015.

Anyway, already got my copy so thank you Plain Archive. Though, A Blu-ray would have been much more appreciated!

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What do we have here?


Well, this is awkward! I totally forgot about this purchase to tell you the truth. Can’t blame myself though, I have been all salivating at that tease of the Moon Young release. And speaking of which, where is the release date Plain Archive?! You can’t just tease us like that and leave us hanging!

Oh well, I know it is coming at least (hopefully with a BD set of The Handmaiden) so there is that and there is where my mind has been, totally forgetting about this one!

Oh yes, I know about this, but I haven’t watched it yet! Why? I don’t know but now I have it with EN subs so watched it is going to be!

Anyway, see ya around.

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The Promise Official MV

เดียวดายกลางสายลม (Cover Version) เพลงประกอบภาพยนตร์ “เพื่อน..ที่ระลึก” - บี น้ำทิพย์【OFFICIAL MV】 - YouTube.MKV - 00051
เดียวดายกลางสายลม (Cover Version) เพลงประกอบภาพยนตร์ “เพื่อน..ที่ระลึก” - บี น้ำทิพย์【OFFICIAL MV】 - YouTube.MKV - 00011 เดียวดายกลางสายลม (Cover Version) เพลงประกอบภาพยนตร์ “เพื่อน..ที่ระลึก” - บี น้ำทิพย์【OFFICIAL MV】 - YouTube.MKV - 00018
เดียวดายกลางสายลม (Cover Version) เพลงประกอบภาพยนตร์ “เพื่อน..ที่ระลึก” - บี น้ำทิพย์【OFFICIAL MV】 - YouTube.MKV - 00033 เดียวดายกลางสายลม (Cover Version) เพลงประกอบภาพยนตร์ “เพื่อน..ที่ระลึก” - บี น้ำทิพย์【OFFICIAL MV】 - YouTube.MKV - 00047
เดียวดายกลางสายลม (Cover Version) เพลงประกอบภาพยนตร์ “เพื่อน..ที่ระลึก” - บี น้ำทิพย์【OFFICIAL MV】 - YouTube.MKV - 00055

You know, I have a feeling that this is going to be one of those beloved Thai projects that spawn thousands of slash fan videos! I just have that feeling about this movie! Also it reeks of quality! That sound design from the trailer alone gives me goosebumps and then here we have the Official MV and my God, that ending…

First Class!

As for the MV, it is a very unique one indeed! While others would use footage as it is in the movie, here I don’t even think that it is from the movie. Of course the scenes you see here that you saw in the trailer might or are in the movie but those are not what I am talking about.

The MV has new scenes that seem to fill in the gaps and give context to some of the scenes you saw in the trailer. Like what the apple was all about, or why the blanket (no, it is not used like the horror trope of usual jump scares here). These and more are answered with the new scenes that are also very different in aesthetics from the main trailer clips meaning that they might not be in the actual movie or are a part of a quick flashback scene that goes deeper into our doomed couple’s past!

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