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That’s right, another idol dream last night!

Don’t ask me. I don’t know myself what’s going on lately. I mean it’s not like I just got into idols but the sudden increase in dream frequency is kinda disturbing.

I mean, I only started having idol dreams last year and I only had ONE that year. It was my first ever (Ooh) and it was about Minegishi Minami. (Is it a sign?).

This year started off easy, without any dreams in the first three months. Then they started falling like the eighth plague on Egypt. Seriously, I have dreamt of almost my favourite idol groups by now in this year alone.

Last night was a unique one, in more than one way.


First of all, while the other dreams were not about my Oshii; Having dreamt not of Yukirin but Miichan (AKB48), Not of Miyu but Aachan(Tokyo Girls Style), Not of Akarin but Aarin (Momoiro Clover) , not of Maachun but Nana (NMB48) and not of Jiyeon but Boram (T-ara).

Yes, I have had dreams about all these.

And before you start pointing fingers, No, only one of them was very questionable.

I am actually kind of disappointed in myself for the lack of wet dreams. All the dreams I’ve had were all preachy-like – Sticking to the ‘meaning’ of life and the ‘good’. Good is all good but come-on! Only Aachan’s dream was very *cough*r-rated*cough*.


Any way, last night I not only dreamt of Miria alone but the whole group. I mean I remember trying to remain ambiguous but my priorities were there – Miria!!!!!

Any way the dream was so out there that I could even write a fic about it, if I wanted to win awards or something normal like that!

The bottom line is that for some reason (Do all dreams have a reason, really?) I was in charge of taking the girls for Christmas shopping.

I know!

Can you imagine how awkward I felt walking with six hot (and young!!!!)  girls in the mall of shopping!!! A mall so big it was as wide as a football field and yet only filled with clothes!

Just clothes!

I mean no matter how heavenly it felt, that feeling could not go away and after a few minutes of nodding in deception of giving approval to the Oh so many choices, I excused myself to the toilet.

Yeah right

I got out of that hell’s kitchen faster than a person barely holding it in.

And so, there I was, chilling outside, trying to think of how I would get Miria on her own (okay, MikiMiki could come too) Yes, I was bad in that dream…

It was a dream!

Any way, there I am chilling in the su-

Oh wait, there was no sun when I suddenly realised it. It had been very sunny when we went into the mall but suddenly, the outside was dark and eely.

I look up to see what in God’s name is happening and lo and behold….

I am pretty sure I almost pissed my pants.

There, off in a distance that didn’t seem so far away was a swirly thingy. It was so big that despite being at a comfortable distance, it screamed the words ‘danger’ all over the place.

It was a big@ss hurricane!

A hurricane heading right at us!

I think I spent a life-time staring at the sky before I felt the air being to go all weird and then I snapped out my phone!

Speed-dialling sent me right to Momoka.

“Stop whatever the hell you are doing and meet me at the entrance. NOW!” I couldn’t help it. My wires were crossed at a million junctions.

“What are you…”

“NOW Momoka!

I was panicking, what can I say.

Actually, all my instincts were telling me that it was already too late for us but damn it all if I would just diss all them cute girls…I mean, I would die for Miria!

Every second I waited for them to get the hell to me was like seeing a bullet heading towards your face in slow-motion just before your death.

Okay, so the frikkin hurricane was an actual bullet in context but still.

Thank goodness for the girls seemed to take my command seriously as they suddenly appeared next to me. Without even an explanation, I grabbed Miria’s hand and with a “RUN” we took the hell off!

I didn’t know where to go but we had to find shelter ASAP because the air was getting very cold very fast.

Which made me think of that damn episode I saw on National Geographical about how the centre of a hurricane was like 500 degrees of something below freezing!

First I thought of a basement but not just any basement. That thing would eat up all the air and suck out all the heat the moment it hit us.

But fuck that. It was go under anything or get eaten so I turned towards the nearest house! Don’t ask me how I knew that it had a bomb shelter or why it was all broken up suddenly like a war had passed through and this were a wasteland. There was no body there of course so I made haste in getting us under there at all cost.

There was nothing in there but blankets!

Damn you fate, would I die in this dream when I have a bunch of Fairies with me? Really fate? Really?

And so we sat together, cuddled in the blankets and awaited the monster to pass above us and take everything.

Then I felt someone take my hand and hold it real tightly. I looked down, then followed it to it’s owner’s face.

Fuck death, my body is ready! take me if you want.

It was ma Miria, giving me the brightest of smiles I have ever laid my dreaming eyes upon.



…Then the frikking alarm for work went off!!!

WTH is is responsible for that really! Doesn’t anyone ever wonder why those damned alarms are so convenient?! They don’t just go off. It has to be THAT moment…ALL THE FRIKKIN TIME!


Any way, yeah.

That was my dream-scape adventure last night.

Now I have Miria on my Brain.

Author: Black Gekikara

Love, Eat and sleep Yuri Best Pal is DIVA (My PC) Hangouts is TEH INTERNETS Currently into Kashiwagi Yuki, Matsui Rena, Ogasawara Mayu, Miyawaki Sakura, Ji-yeon, NMB48 and sister groups, T-ara Totally love SG Horror movies

12 thoughts on “More Dream Talk

  1. I thought your blog was dedicated to Live-Action and Asian Idol group yuri…so I assumed a large percentage of your news is Idol related.

    Cool dream btw. You should write another fanfic about it when you get the chance.

    • My blog is about what I find interesting in my ways-making across teh interwebs or or real life which mostly is yuri.

      While other blogs bring to the masses, I share with the interested.

      No professionalism to be found here, nope!^^

      The only reason I am not doing anime for a while is because I haven’t watched an anime since Fate/Zero. Nothing has caught my attention at all. The later part of 2012 has been majorly disappointing.

      I am waiting for the BD subs for Achigahen and AKB0048 before I marathon them then I will have something to talk about.

      Until then, let’s hope that there comes something interesting in the anime world enough to grab my attention.

      Better go check out what the upcoming season has to offer too

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