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Cracked or Broken 2 (Areum/Jiyeon)



What is happening to Ji-yeon?!!


What the hell is happening to A-reum?!


What has lovely Dani got to do with anything?

Actually forget about all that

Will poor A-reum survive through all this?

Let’s see if we can find our answers to these questions

Cracked or Broken

Black Gekikara

Part 2


Another night

Another night spent, not in her own bed but in Ji-yeon’s.

Another night she was sure to be filled with discomfort. Four days have passed and somehow…somehow the pendulum of problems had dipped more towards her end while it lifted on Ji-yeon’s. She was the one these days that had trouble sleeping and though the cause was obvious, it was mainly due to her own actions.

No one had forced her to keep coming over to Ji-yeon’s room after that first night. She had absolutely no obligation whatever to comforting the other girl. They were all supposed to be suffering in their own ways and where the others were concerned, it clearly showed. No one had mentioned the current events as part of a conversation and they all seemed to have put a lid on it when in the presence of the other. A-reum was sure though that if she had gone to any of the others’ rooms, she would have found them dealing with the problem they faced in each and every one’s own way.

Just like Ji-yeon was drowning out her sorrows in silent, okay not so silent, nightly cries.

A-reum just hoped that none resorted to severe ways of dealing with the stress.

Getting back to her problems, sure she was also hit with the radiation that came with the nuclear war between KKS and the fans. She was part of T-ara and to the fans T-ara was one as far as they were concerned. No, that wasn’t completely right. Some members had been chosen out as the primary targets and Ji-yeon herself was at the top of that most-wanted list. This might have been the reason why she had chosen to come over to her instead of the others. Now though she knows that it was much more than that.

This comes back to the latest sleep problems she’s been having.

Sure The first night Ji-yeon’s strange actions had kept her up quite a ways into the late night but these actions did not quite go so far as to warranty such levels of sleep deprivation. In fact the night before Ji-yeon actually behaved herself and only cuddled with A-reum and nothing more. Okay, so cuddling was a light take on the way her Unnie threaded her limbs around A-reum so tightly and expertly that she would have made pythons and Anacondas jealous but still…

The problem there was not the lack of air but actually the fact that A-reum did nothing to get comfortable. Another problem is the fact that despite Ji-yeon having not shed any more tears after the second night, A-reum kept coming back to her room the nights that followed. Deepening the problem is the fact that even though no one forced her to come back still, she felt very nervous now whenever she was in this room – Ji-yeon’s room. Even now when she was all alone in the room because Ji-yeon had excused herself to the lady’s room, her heart wasted energy in the way it was furious pumping blood through her.

No longer was it the outside troubles their company faced, nor was it about Ji-yeon’s nightly habits, though now almost done with thank God. Her feelings towards her partner and now roommate as of recent were the real problem.

Things actually only became clear to her earlier today after she and the others minus Ji-yeon, had come back from camping trip in the woods to find an unexpected visitor keeping Ji-yeon, who was supposed to be alone, company.

It was the last and youngest member of T-ara – Dani.

A-reum scoffed.



The morning had started out pleasantly, as A-reum had come to consider it due to Ji-yeon’s consistent decision to sit right next to her during breakfast. They were so close that had they been any closer, Ji-yeon would practically be sitting on A-reum’s lap. They were connected at both the shoulders and hips and when Ji-yeon’s muscles moved at all, A-reum would clearly feel it. That’s not all she was feeling either. The heat emitting from Ji-yeon’s skin, no thanks to that really thin night-gown, was not making things any easier.

This closeness had resumed after their first night sleeping together. And did that come out the wrong way or what?! A-reum was not the only one surprised by the sudden closeness. Ji-yeon was a touchy person to begin with but even so, she was rarely seen in contact with A-reum. In fact it was a bit attention grabbing the way those two did not seem to connect. So when one morning Ji-yeon ups and gets all close and personal with A-reum, you best believe there were eyes burning holes in her from all sides.

A-reum was surprised by the fact that Ji-yeon chose to sit close to her. They had never sat close together before as the other girls usually sat close to Hyo-min, So-yeon or Bo-ram whenever they were in private mode. It wouldn’t have been that much of a big deal but the way Ji-yeon scooted the already close chair even closer, so much so in fact that A-reum could feel Ji-yeon’s muscles under her nighties even through her own clothes. She nearly spit the coffee she was drinking at the contact but was forced to hold it in when the other girl turned to her and gave her a very blinding smile.



Here was the thing – Ji-yeon was actually a very shy person. If there was one true example that represented the saying ‘Do Not judge a book By Its Cover’, A-reum could think of nothing/no one better than Ji-yeon. With shame A-reum remembered that she too had done just that at their first meeting. She had judged Ji-yeon on appearances alone but really, who could blame her? The girl gave off a look of pure bitch status as if it was perfected like an art. If a person made this judgement of her and never got to talk to Ji-yeon, that image would most definitely stick so A-reum considered her-self very lucky she got to know the real Ji-yeon. As hard as it might be to believe, that was just how Ji-yeon carried herself everywhere. Be it family, friends, co-workers or strangers, she was always like that. It was natural.

It wasn’t until one started talking to Ji-yeon that they would have their wires getting crossed because as soon as Ji-yeon lets out the first word, everything you know or thought you knew about Park Ji-yeon changes right at that moment.

It might have been just herself though.

A-reum might have been affected differently from how others would have been.

You know, because of her feeling towards…arg

Anyway, if that was the case, then she was very glad for the way it turned out because now, as she sat next to this…this girl who meant…What exactly did Ji-yeon mean to her now anyway? She did not know and she did not care. At the very least not right at that moment.

As mentioned before, She and Ji-yeon had never been that close, but really, A-reum wasn’t that close to anyone yet being as she just joined T-ara and though she felt somewhat un-belonging, like she was some friend playing the third wheel to their friends who are a couple, she was getting close to the other members but Ji-yeon. Hwa-young, lovely Hwa-young, was one who made the extra effort to make A-reum as comfortable as she possibly could by doing little things that though may have seemed little to others, these little thing meant a lot to A-reum that they were not so little to her.

Hwa-young would make sure to include A-reum into their conversations by asking her opinion on things or if anything of the sort had ever happened to her and things like that. When they went out Hwa-young would walk close to her, sometimes hold her hand and pull her so she could walk closer to the other girls and through these fuels for confidence, A-reum finally got closer to the members but not all.

Ji-yeon was a hard one.

Though she thought it silly now that she looks back on it, A-reum was actually thinking that Ji-yeon was avoiding her back then. Well, she calls it back then but it hasn’t been that long ago really – not even half a year has passed. Ji-yeon usually kept to herself and rarely talked even when the other girls were engaged in a heated conversation. She was an odd one like that. But though she did not talk, the other members did not seem to mind her and though her contribution was closer to zero, the fact that she would be sitting closer to a member (usually Hyo-min – yes, she counted!) and sometimes holding hands with others (strangely more with Bo-ram – what? She was curious!) it was as if that was enough for the other members.

Being the new addition and somewhat shy too, or maybe she was just simply intimidated by the quiet Ji-yeon, A-reum could not bring out the courage to up and talk to Ji-yeon out of the blue. What a way to waste dearest Hwa-young’s efforts, right? Actually now that she thought of it, A-reum remembers that she stared quite a lot at Ji-yeon. Being that she too was not a great participant in the usual conversations, left her getting lost and thus off of the conversations topic and more onto other things.

And what other things were more interesting than the quiet Ji-yeon, sitting there on, usually someone’s lap, and playing some game on her phone with one hand while the other held someone else’s hand?


“Are you okay…?”

A-reum blinked to clear her suddenly incomprehensible vision. Where was she again?


She asked nobody in particular. She did not even know who had spoken or to whom but her conscious told her it was she that was being talked to so she obeyed.

“I asked if you are okay. You zoned out a little there…”

How could she not have recognised that voice? That voice that made her ears seem linear the way her words got in through the left ear, dissolved into the brain then evaporated out the right!

She turned around so fast to regard Ji-yeon that she heard her neck muscles cry out in protests, which followed up with some pain but she ignored it.

“Oh, sorry I was just…”

Then it was a whole other different muscle that complained when her breathe caught at the blinding smile she was faced with when she turned to Ji-yeon.

She stared.

She noticed she was staring. Her cheeks went hot with embarrassment from her noticing.

“Um..I was…um…er..”

Her mouth not being able to say anything no thanks to her useless brain going all gooey like sticky toffee sauce, took on a subsidiary function of a fly trap the way it hung open.

Hot plates?


Who needs those with A-reum cheeks available!

Thinking of nothing best for the situation than to disappear in thin air, A-reum buried her whole face in the bowl of cereal she was supposed to be having, before Ji-yeon had showed up.

She gulped the cereal down with more gusto than was considered healthy and thus not the best of ideas as she faced the consequences soon after, when she fought to clear her clogged pipes with violent coughs. Okay, so maybe these past few days weren’t one of her best with all the bad decisions she was making but really? To go so far as chocking on one’s cereal was all kinds of lame that A-reum felt the need to not only disappear from view but from the whole damn universe.

“What with you lately?” So-yeon asked with indifference.

A-reum could not answer her. Not that she could even if she wanted to due to the more urgent matter at hand.

“Yeah A-reum, you have been kind of…off lately. Is something troubling you?”

That was Hyo-min, who had appeared next to them, on Ji-yeon’s side, as she placed a plate full of Western breakfast foods in front of Ji-yeon.

A-reum was still not well enough to pass air through her nasals voluntarily so she said nothing.

Ji-yeon continued to pat her back in assistance with her worries made known only through her piercing gaze.

“Um…Hyo-min-ah, I don’t think that’s the wisest of questions these days?”

Hyo-min gave Bo-ram a questioning look as she took her own seat on the other side of So-yeon. So-yeon spared a grateful smile in Bo-ram’s direction.

Hyo-min was about to say something on the lines of getting Bo-ram to explain but was interrupted by the appearance of the last two members of the group, Q-ri and Eun-jung.

“Ooh, something smells delicious!”

“Good morning sleepy heads? It’s very nice of you to finally join us!”

“’Morning hot head! It’s our time off and if I can’t over-sleep now, when will I?”

So-yeon just shook her head at her friend.

“Besides, from the look of things we are just in time.”

Q-ri finished in that soft voice of hers as she took her seat while Eun-jung side-tracked to the fridge.

When she got to the table, she finally saw A-reum, who was still struggling to get her breathing under control. Her eyes were covered in mist by now as a few tears tried to escape.

“Is everything okay?” Q-ri asked softly of A-reum.

“Y-Yeah….I think I left my cereal off for longer than necessary. Actually I best…er..”

She took a hold of the bowl but did not stand up yet. She turned to Ji-yeon to warn her first that she was getting up and did once Ji-yeon removed her warm hand from A-reum’s back.

Ji-yeon and the others watched her go until a voice cut into the air.

“…how interesting…”

“What is…?”

Bo-ram asked of So-yeon, who had a mysteriously amused look on her pretty face.

“Oh, nothing…nothing…”

Bo-ram watched her with studious eyes but let it slide as she started working on her most important meal of the day. The others also started on theirs and so did Eun-jung and A-reum who came back to the dining table together.

Ji-yeon did not even touch her cutlery.

“You best eat it while it’s hot Jinah…” Hyo-min gestured with a fork in her hand towards Ji-yeon.

“Sorry Hyo-min but I don’t have the appetite right now.” Ji-yeon tried to show how sincerely sorry she was.

“What?! But I-I slaved to make that! Are you going to let my blood and sweat I put into making it all go to waste?!”

“Oh lord, here she goes again…” Eun-jung spoke loud enough for all to hear but Hyo-min paid her no attention.

“You best eat something Jinah or she will not stop! You know how she gets.”

So-yeon tried to help.

“Sorry but I am not feeling so hot. Actually I am going to have to stay behind today girls, sorry!”

It was then that A-reum really started to pay attention.

“What? But we had agreed that we will all go out camping today! I am really excited for this as am sure are the others, right?”

If Hyo-min’s displeasure was fake before, it was not balancing on that unknown line.

“You can still go with the others Hyo-minah…” Ji-yeon smiled softly at her but her eyes showed how bad she felt for letting her friends down.

“Leave her alone Hyo-min. She is not well. Besides, she isn’t obligated to go.”

“But Eun-jung…”

“No buts…” Eun-jung then turned to Ji-yeon to regard her “It’s okay Jinah, just take it easy. These haven’t exactly the best of weeks for us. Besides, we can always go tomorrow or another day.”

“Thanks Eun-jung”

“But will you be okay by yourself? Maybe I should-“A-reum was cut off before she finished the sentence.

“I will be just fine. You go have fun out there, okay?”

“Alright…if you are sure…”

“Hah, don’t waste your time worrying about this party-pooper A-reum. You just think of what to bring because I won’t be sharing.”

“We only going to stay for the day Hyonah. You make it sound like we are going out for real camping.”

“What are you saying Bo-ram?! Scary things can happen in the wilderness at any given time. We have to be prepared!”

“What then do you suggest we bring with us, Oh wise one?”

“Well dearest So-yeon, I am …”


And so the group had left for the day out in the mountains to have funny and try to get their minds off the real problems in their lives through an illusion. She wondered if Ji-yeon thought less of them doing that and it was why she had decided to not go camping. She probably saw them as cowards running away from their problems instead of facing them. Okay, so maybe she was assuming too much but she could not help feel that she had disappointed Ji-yeon somewhat.

Were the happenings that took place in their absence some kind of a way to get back to her? Was it Ji-yeon’s form of punishment that she…


The camp trip had been fun…fun enough anyway without Ji-yeon there. A-reum had actually quite missed the other girl and might have spent a couple of moments thinking of the girl back at the cottage instead of on camping. Okay, so maybe it had been more than a couple…

And so one might just imagine how happy she was that they were almost back home, well, it wasn’t ‘home’ but you know what they say about home.

The happiness she felt got more intense the closer she got to the house, which might have seemed kind of silly but she could not help it. It was quite scary really the way she missed Ji-yeon so much in just ten or so hours of separation.

What was happening to her?

Once the girls reached the front door, A-reum wasted no time in quickly making her way inside, passed the kitchen and living room and straight to the stairs. The only goal in her mind was to get to Ji-yeon’s room and check on the girl. What if she was actually feeling worse than A-reum thought she was?

In her haste and her mind focused on one thing and one thing only, A-reum missed what the other girls said as they entered the house. If she had caught it maybe things would have turned out differently. Maybe she would not have had to witness that scene but then on the other hand, if she had missed it, things would have turned out much worse (gone too far) that she found them so maybe it was good that she got there on time.

Reaching the door to Ji-yeon’s room, A-reum suddenly grew nervous. Coming to a sudden stop just outside the room, she fidgeted as she checked herself over as if to appear the most presentable.

She raised her hand to knock but then thought better of it. What if Ji-yeon was sleeping? She wouldn’t want to rudely wake her like that, especially if she wasn’t feeling quite well enough so she opted for quietly opening the door and letting herself in. Ji-yeon would not mind that, right?


A-reum felt the world turn on its head, grow and mouth of crystal as cold at Pluto, open it wide and swallow her whole.

That was what A-reum felt like when she laid eyes on Ji-yeon’s bed.

She saw

She understood

But she did not believe

There, lying on the bed was Ji-yeon. That in its self was no issue. The issue was the fact that she was leaning over someone, actually half leaning seeing as she had this…this…OMG!! It was Dani!! Ji-yeon ha the other member of the group, on her bed!!

How the…When did ‘she’ even get there?!

Everything just got so confusing. So much so that A-reum felt her balance go out of whack, her vision start to go blurry and it was all she could do to stay on her feet. Through all this though, that image was burned in her skull and even with her vision getting worse, the picture was already saved with hard copy in her mind.

Ji-yeon was leaning her head down to that of Dani. One hand supported her body by the elbow on the bed while the other stroked Dani’s face. One of Ji-yeon’s legs had Dani’s locked in place by wrapping them around the girl’s thighs.

It was the most erotic scene A-reum had ever seen in her whole life! The most erotic and also the most disturbing to her conscious!


“What are you thinking about?”

A-reum was snapped out of the unpleasant thoughts but the sudden voice next to her ear.

Ji-yeon was back in bed and already under the covers. She hadn’t even heard her get back let alone feel the blankets move. She was that lost in the happenings of the day. She stared at Ji-yeon for a while before she remembered that she had been asked something.


“You are still hang up on before, aren’t you?”

Ji-yeon sounded like she was dealing with a child the way she finished that sentence with a sigh.

“Look, I already explained to you what happened and I am not going to explain it any better. Anyway, what is it to you? The others didn’t seem all that bothered?”

Ji-yeon’s gaze got too intense for A-reum to keep eye contact so she turned away as if to hide the truth that lay within as if the other girl would just steal all her hidden secrets with a simple look passed her deceitful eyes.

“Its…it’s nothing, forget it. I was just being silly…”

“Is that so…”

A-reum didn’t say a thing in return. Silence reigned for a few moments until Ji-yeon decided to break it some humour.

“Are you…You are not jealous of little Dani, are you A-reum?”

“What?! I so a-“

A-reum turned around to face Ji-yeon with such swift movement that it was no surprise she hit Ji-yeon with a wild limb which hit Ji-yeon straight in the face. By the way she immediately touched her lip, A-reum had hit her right on the mouth.

She froze for a couple of seconds to look on in horror at what she had done.

“OhMyGodImsosorryIdidn’tmean….are you okay?”

The words came out in rapid fire as she hoped that she hadn’t done heavy damage. Could you imagine the fate that awaited her for making the face of T-ara un-presentable?!

When she did not receive an answer, her blood pressure picked up and she apologised again before she gently took a hold of Ji-yeon’s hand that was placing pressure on her lip and getting it away so she could see.

“Let me have a look”

She leaned in closer for a clear view as the light from the bed-side lamp wasn’t enough for detailed viewing. At the distance she was in, she could not see any red. That was a good sign, right?

“Do you taste blood?”

A-reum asked as she got in closer for a more detailed examination and used her fingers to feel for any swelling but it was all for naught. The skin on her fingers was not sensitive enough to feel for what she wanted. She got closer still as she could only rely on her sight now when…

“No, it was just an instant pain anyway and it is now gone.”

Ji-yeon’s fully concentrated breath hit her right in the face and A-reum froze. It felt like she had been put in a trance or spell of some kind.

“Are you alright?”

Double the concentration meant double the effects it seemed for A-reum’s mind started producing the strangest of visions and she felt her body start to move as if to respond to these scenarios flowing past her mind’s eye.

The vision before her eyes had completely changed. The face of the girl she had come to care for so strongly had transformed into this…this otherworldly sight A-reum had never seen. It was like the features of an Angel but made more appealingly appeasing by a thousand multiplications. As if with the mind-boggling beauty came an extra effect, A-reum felt a pull so strong that she dared not even try to oppose. It was like she was falling from the sky, which of course could not be opposed no matter how hard one tried. Except she was not heading for the ground but for something one would fall from the sky towards on their own volition.

Ji-yeon’s full lips

Still in that dream-like state, A-reum dipped her index finger passed Ji-yeon’s soft lips, hit the teeth barrier which was coerced apart by a simple finger-tip pressure and into the warmth of within. The alien feeling she had never felt with her fingers almost belated A-reum to keep it in there for the rest of time but she was not in control of her own body at the moment and so the finger pulled out almost as soon as it had gotten in.

Once it was out again, her hand moved around in an oval path as the damp finger scanned every corner of Ji-yeon’s bottom and top lip. She did it so slowly, so sensuously that it had begun to affect the owner of the victimized lips.

Within her mind, A-reum could see what was happening as if she was just an observer to all this and while she tried to stop her body from doing these things, it was a lost cause. She could feel the dampness of her arm grow wetter as Ji-yeon breathed heavier through both her nose and mouth now. She spared a glance towards Ji-yeon’s eyes and almost got the kick!

The look in Ji-yeon’s eyes was nothing like she had ever seen before. It had a little resemblance to the one she had had that first night but calling that a resemblance would be the same as calling a cat and a small puppy identical. In other words, this was nothing like that night. The look Ji-yeon had on now was actually a little scary which had succeeded in pausing her diffused body.

What happened next proved her senses right.

Before A-reum even knew it, she found herself on her back and staring right into the chaotic void that was Ji-yeon’s eyes. The level of lighting made them look all the more alien.

“Ji-yeon I-“


A-reum gulped her words down and staid stock still. A thought fleetingly hit her that she was back in control of her own body. Not that she could do anything with it now with the she was pinned on the bed by the arms on either side of her head and Ji-yeon straddling her waste.

Her heartbeat went into third gear when Ji-yeon’s head began its descent towards hers with so much slowness that even those latest state-of-the-art slow-motion cameras would be jealous of A-reum’s eyes.

Teasingly Ji-yeon’s lips ever so lightly brushed her lips over A-reum’s, so very lightly in fact that A-reum would have thought it was not an actual touch but their force fields coming into contact. To put it visually, it felt to her like how one sees a match that sparks but does not light for the first time.

That was how A-reum felt after that first touch.

She did not know when she had closed them but upon reopening her eyes A-reum was met but a devilish smile on those sensuous lips which once again as she watched, lowered towards her but this time…this time that match finally lit up and she felt the fire spread throughout every core of her being when Ji-yeon’s lips touched, and staid touched with her own.

That would have been grand on its own but when A-reum felt a tiny wet tip lick over her very sensitive lips, which her brain immediately recognised as Ji-yeon’s tongue, she opened her lips slightly and Ji-yeon was inside her. That thought was the killer as the space was simply not enough to hold off the inferno which of course went out in an explosion as A-reum’s tongue met Ji-yeon’s.

A-reum’s body broke out in a torrent of shivers and it was all she could do to not vibrate out of existence by grabbing tightly onto Ji-yeon’s shoulders with her arms. Ji-yeon smiled at that and she pulled away from the deep kiss which was followed with a grunt of disapproval from A-reum. But A-reum’s grunts soon turned into happy whimpers when she felt her bottom lip tugged at but not painfully between Ji-yeon’s teeth. She took that moment to give her lungs some much needed air.

Nobody had on any lip gloss so the taste of Ji-yeon and probably hers was very raw and natural and to be honest, A-reum could not think of it tasting any better. Having had enough air, A-reum brought their lips and tongues together again because she was just so…hungry for everything Ji-yeon. She was happy when the slightly older girl gave no resistance and the two explored each other’s mouths dipper until they were satisfied.

A-reum’s body started to buzz with lightening when she felt Ji-yeon begin a trail down her rib cage with the tips of her fingers. Seeing as A-reum was practically crushing them together Ji-yeon did not need to brace herself so both her arms were free and she put all ten fingers to good use, much to A-reum’s delight. There was virtually no space between their bodies and the feelings raging within A-reum were nothing she had ever experienced before.

When Ji-yeon’s fingers danced at the part where her bra straps crossed her skin, A-reum took in a sharp breath and almost bit the other girl’s tongue. She was almost thankful when Ji-yeon pulled out and continued close-mouth kissing instead.

Her mind was no longer on the kissing any way so A-reum wasn’t that disappointed by that because much more interesting things were happening somewhere else – namely her chest.

Ji-yeon was gliding her finger tips slowly and smoothly as if she was a skater on ice, towards the front and where A-reum’s swelling began. She almost forgot how to breath when she felt her Ji-yeon’s finger tips bend and hook beneath her unpadded night bra.

All sense flew out the window when she felt the somewhat cold tips of Ji-yeon’s fingers ‘tap ‘tap’ tap’ as they climbed her overly sensitive breasts. Closing her eyes and tightening her hold around Ji-yeon’s shoulders, A-reum braced for the unknown.

She was not disappointed because she fell, fell some more and fell very hard…

Towards earth

Towards reality

“Heh…I see now…”


To say A-reum was confused out of her mind would have been an understatement as she only watched, through her still dazed state as Ji-yeon got off of her, straightened her nighties and looked down at A-reum with unsuppressed amusement before she lifted her leg off from one side of A-reum to settle back down into her position on the bed and get comfortable under the covers to get back to sleep.

A-reum just watched the girl’s back, her mouth wide-open with complete disbelief!

‘You have got to be joking..!!!’

She was in for yet another restless night, wasn’t she?


…The END?…



Whatever happened during the time Dani came over to the cottage? Will we ever find out? Who knows…

Yes, I am still an avid shipper of these two but I have a feeling that when Dani becomes a regular, things are gonna get complicated real fast.

We shall see, we shall see…

Also please forgive me dear ‘blogger’ for using you like this >.<

Author: Black Gekikara

Love, Eat and sleep Yuri Best Pal is DIVA (My PC) Hangouts is TEH INTERNETS Currently into Kashiwagi Yuki, Matsui Rena, Ogasawara Mayu, Miyawaki Sakura, Ji-yeon, NMB48 and sister groups, T-ara Totally love SG Horror movies

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