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Boku wa Mari no Naka Official MV

indigo la End「鐘泣く命」 - YouTube.MP4 - 00137
indigo la End「鐘泣く命」 - YouTube.MP4 - 00014 indigo la End「鐘泣く命」 - YouTube.MP4 - 00092
indigo la End「鐘泣く命」 - YouTube.MP4 - 00180 indigo la End「鐘泣く命」 - YouTube.MP4 - 00174
indigo la End「鐘泣く命」 - YouTube.MP4 - 00082
indigo la End – Kane Naku Inochi / 鐘泣く命 MV

You know what, I don’t care anymore. Mari and Yori have won me over three whole weeks before the show has even began! The teaser had already got my curiosity but with this MV, this drama now has my attention!

Before I continue it is only right to thank one of my Readers gekikara hachibi for bringing this MV to my attention. I seriously don’t know how I missed it.

It was so good! The first impression I got was that this show is gonna look so beautiful! I already suspected from the teaser but that being only 720p kind of had me missing the quality aspect of it but this MV, if the actual show is anything like this, it is going to be one of the most beautiful shows ever! And depending on the result, it is going to be one of the very few TV shows I get on Blu-ray. That is if it does get released on that platform! Shows rarely get BD releases but this just has quality oozing out of it so hopefully it does well and that is usually a sure way to getting it on BDs!

Also, while I watched the teaser I had come up with some conclusions and this MV drove the points home for me. Mari and Yori’s relationship is going to be one filled with pain and emotions and that point was supported with what I saw in the MV. It seems Yori is going to be the one most affected but since I don’t have all the answers, no answers at all as to the story, I can’t speculate.

Okay, maybe a little. A spoiler kind of flew across my eyes (damn you internets) that said that the Guy (as the title implies really) was just Mari’s imagination. But in the teaser, when Mari says ‘Boku Yori-san ga suki’. I took it as the guy saying he loves Yori, when he is in control. This was what had me frowning because it would be kind of like that Korean show where an old guy was given a second chance and came back in the body of a woman! I hate that sneaky attack where it isn’t actually 100% gay.

I thought it was the same story here where it is not Mari herself but rather the guy inside that was in love with Yori.

But then get this!

I wonder if it was a spoiler but in the MV, there is this scene which I took it as happening inside Mari’s mind, somehow, because if it was in her mind how did Yori get there? But then again, it can’t be anything but that because of the lighting and everything that hinted at a different plane of existence. Anyway, in this scene all three are present; Mari, the guy and Yori. This scene showed a possessive Mari, a brooding/scared Guy and frightened Yori, frightened of the advancing Mari.

This confused me because it looked like Mari was fighting for Yori and the Guy did not seem that interested! There were no answers here but that is all I need. I am sure we shall get them in the show when it begins airing next month.

Sadly, the kiss teased in the teaser did not make it in the MV but what we got instead were other great moments between our girls like Mari taking Yori over to her place, then there was that moment where they were on the rooftop and Yori was about to slap Mari but instead she leaned forward into Mari and rested her head against Mari’s bosom. Talk about a show after my own heart! And let’s not forget that opening scene to the MV, I can’t wait to see what that is all about. I am sure it is going to be an important one, the way Mari was taken aback by what Yori had said.

Then there is also that scene where Mari pulls Yori on top of her. The lighting in that scene had me salivating at how both beautiful and romantic it looked. Lord help me.

I know that we have three weeks before the show drops but Mari/Yori are already towards the top of my list of ships for this year! I mean you never know, we might get surprised and have a YURI END! If the show progresses the way that both the teaser and the MV did, in that the Guy takes most of the early episodes where as Mari takes the later ones, we might be in for a surprise ending you all!

Anyway, jump over for more delicious caps and the videos…..

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Boku wa Mari no Naka Teaser

【公式】“新感覚”男女入れ替わりドラマ「ぼくは麻理のなか」10月16日地上波放送スタート!予告(1) - YouTube.MP4 - 00035
【公式】“新感覚”男女入れ替わりドラマ「ぼくは麻理のなか」10月16日地上波放送スタート!予告(1) - YouTube.MP4 - 00014 【公式】“新感覚”男女入れ替わりドラマ「ぼくは麻理のなか」10月16日地上波放送スタート!予告(1) - YouTube.MP4 - 00003
【公式】“新感覚”男女入れ替わりドラマ「ぼくは麻理のなか」10月16日地上波放送スタート!予告(1) - YouTube.MP4 - 00026 【公式】“新感覚”男女入れ替わりドラマ「ぼくは麻理のなか」10月16日地上波放送スタート!予告(1) - YouTube.MP4 - 00022
【公式】“新感覚”男女入れ替わりドラマ「ぼくは麻理のなか」10月16日地上波放送スタート!予告(1) - YouTube.MP4 - 00020
How could this possibly go wrong?

I mean, kissing, kabe-don, hand-sex, eye-sex, love confession from the main character(in the trailer), feels. How can this possibly go wrong?!

And before you all out there start spoiling things for me, DO NOT! That was a rhetorical question, thank you very much! I am aware that this is based off a manga that has already finished its run. I am not going to go reading it right now, only a month before the series airs just to disappoint myself, maybe.

But really, being realistic here, a title with ‘Boku’ in it is already a red flag, if the trailers did not already slap some sense into me that is. Speaking of the trailers, they are region locked so it was hard to get to them but I managed and thus I can’t post direct links to Fuji TV’s YT channel but after the jump for the usual magic.

Back to the trailers, what I wanted to say was that it was kind of satisfying to see how the ‘hetero’ trailer was skewered by viewers! Compared to the trailer that I took these caps from, there is another that was focused mainly on the hetero side of things and it got totally destroyed by the dislikes!

Thinking of the fact that since the trailer is region locked, mostly locals watched it and rated it meaning that Japanese mutuals totally preferred the ‘gay’ version, as I like to call it, as well!

Such satisfaction! Hopefully someone with a brain came to a conclusion about that. Dear FujiTV, you still have a month, before you had two, to fix that ending! You had better not screwed up and made the wrong one.

Anyway, this feels kind of good. It seems like Japan is also finally getting fed up with the ‘Bury Ur Gays’ trope! Hopefully the producers are listening!

Ikeda Elaiza (glassless obvi half-blood) plays main character Mari and Nakamura Yurika (glasses girl) plays Yori. There is a guy that shan’t be mentioned as well and I truly have a hard time with stories with this kind of concept but anything for yuri, right? I will travel through hell for it! At the very least I can come away with a great ship that I can feed in my delusions and dreams and fics…maybe.

Anyway, no matter what I am watching this. Surely it can’t be as painful as the likes of Pommanatur or Kuzu no Honkai!!

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MOON YOUNG Out For Pre-order


I can already hear those who do not know about this movie asking: Yes, yes, we know it is Kim Tae-ri and that is all well and good but IS IT YURI? Well dear kind Reader, Kim Tae-ri DOES KISS A WOMAN in the movie and there is jellies thrown around so…

Oops, spoilers? Sorry about that. But really, this movie is way too old now. I knew about it before I even knew about Kim Tae-ri or even The Handmaiden! That’s right, way back in 2015 I watched this movie, or tried to but I never finished it and thus did not see KISS that definitely would have won it a blog post.

yeah, before she blew up with her role as Sook-hee, Kim was already out and about kissing older women and we did not even know about it!

For shame really.

You betcha though that I immediately went looking for that movie and it was hard because what I found available was shit quality. The video got funky towards the end so I had to hunt down the original that was released way back then and thankfully I found it.

And now that there are English subtitles coming out way, you can bet it is going to be written about. Makes sense to do this before The Handmaiden.

Seriously though, just look at her. She was so young then. I wonder when this short movie was actually shot. I don’t think it was in 2015.

Anyway, already got my copy so thank you Plain Archive. Though, A Blu-ray would have been much more appreciated!

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AKB48 170907 KKS9 LIVE 1830 720p Suzuki Kurumi Birthday.mp4 - 00595
AKB48 170907 KKS9 LIVE 1830 720p Suzuki Kurumi Birthday.mp4 - 00452 AKB48 170913 KKS9 LIVE 1830 720p Harima Nanami Birthday.mp4 - 00153
AKB48 170913 KKS9 LIVE 1830 720p Harima Nanami Birthday.mp4 - 00480

These be AKB48 KKS (16th Generation) members Suzuki Kurumi (Mayuyu-size) and Michieda Saki (Yukirin-size). Now I don’t usually do ‘next gen’ or that type of bull but just look at them, I mean, they almost have everything Mayuki…

But before we go farther, I wish to apologise to all fellow Anime fans out there! There is one couple in the community (for those who remember) that are named Saki and Kurumi and I am sure you probably thought of this having seen the name. I sure as hell thought of them too first when I learned there was a potential ship in the 16th Gen girls named Saki and Kurumi too.

So, to ask for forgiveness…

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What do we have here?


Well, this is awkward! I totally forgot about this purchase to tell you the truth. Can’t blame myself though, I have been all salivating at that tease of the Moon Young release. And speaking of which, where is the release date Plain Archive?! You can’t just tease us like that and leave us hanging!

Oh well, I know it is coming at least (hopefully with a BD set of The Handmaiden) so there is that and there is where my mind has been, totally forgetting about this one!

Oh yes, I know about this, but I haven’t watched it yet! Why? I don’t know but now I have it with EN subs so watched it is going to be!

Anyway, see ya around.

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BiSH Please…

BiSH _ 本当本気[OFFICIAL VIDEO] - YouTube.MKV - 00006
BiSH _ オーケストラ[OFFICIAL VIDEO] - YouTube.MKV - 00005 BiSH _ オーケストラ[OFFICIAL VIDEO] - YouTube.MKV - 00002
BiSH _ オーケストラ[OFFICIAL VIDEO] - YouTube.MKV - 00035 BiSH _ オーケストラ[OFFICIAL VIDEO] - YouTube.MKV - 00049
BiSH _ オーケストラ[OFFICIAL VIDEO] - YouTube.MKV - 00047

Late to the game?

I know, but better late than never!

And once again I repeat, BiSH, please! How about making a commoner better acquainted with your pieces of art next time, eh? How have I not known of your awesomeness until now?! Just when I think I have seen there is to see, something like this pops up and bitch slaps me!

Like, that bottom MV (Orchestra) was out last September! That’s like, a whole year! Should I be proud that I just noticed it in September when it came out in the same month last year?

I don’t think so!

Actually the MV from which I took the first cap (Hontou Honki) came out just a month later in October! I guess it was a good thing I took my time! I mean imagine having gotten a web rip of The Handmaiden, then these two MVs in succession!

A heart can only take so much!

The second PV (Orchestra) is the one that takes the cake for me, even though the first PV (Hontou) is the only with a real kiss! For the second we only got to see the idea of a kiss from behind heads whereas the other we actually got to see their lips meet!

The second wins because it had a story behind the yuri! For the first PV the kiss came out nowhere, without context, and out of the context of the other visual story aspect. Sure it supports the theme of the song but not the visuals!

But as always, I will be in the minority here (if not the only one) that prefers it to the first because most want their lips meeting to justify it as yuri! As for me, the second is miles ahead and I would take that any day of cheap kisses! Emotion is where it is at! You see the innocence of their love and how it is affected by the harsh reality and the real reactions to that happening! The get caught, one girl transfers schools and the other is to scared to say something in that last chance! it is only natural. Not many have that much courage! When faced with such harsh reality the flight side always wins over the fight side!

And so, while it was heart breaking (a good thing, I love me all emotions) to see the other girl leave without the other saying something, anything, despite having the time to say it but got too scared, while it is maddening to see one of the girls be pulled away as she reached for the other, crying out for her to do something, grab her hand, anything, but the other is too scared to do anything…

All real and all sweet, in all its bitterness!

Favourite MV, obviously, from BiSH, I mean!

And now if you will excuse me, time to go get to know more about these girls. I am already eying their concerts and have grabbed all PVs i could find of them! In the mean time, enjoy more caps and the PVs…

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