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Are you like, kidding me right now!?!

Goodbye Piggybank, thank you for your services!

No. Your eyes aren’t deceiving you! Those are DVD and Photobook covers you are seeing. And Yes. That is Shishunki Gokko we are talking about here! Believe you me, if you are confused, you aren’t alone! I just stumbled upon this madness when I paused my long queue of video waiting to be watched just for tumblr (Don’t you just love the way tumblr controls our lives?) and guess what I find on my dash…

A goldmine of Shishunki Gokko pics that make the rainbow pot seem like fake gold. Following the links, turns out our two girls from the movie (Miki and Misato) were out promoting something movie related. I of course waste no time in downloading everything (after the jump for said pics) but if you thought I would stop there, big mistake! I went on a rampage and started turning the internets down wondering what the big deal is. Guess what I find…That’s right, apparently there was already a PB of the movie that completely passed by me! A Photo Book photographed by none other than our very own Aoyama Yuki sensei! If you don’t know Yuki-sama, shame on you!

But that wasn’t all! While I am staring at the Amazon Japan page with the PB with mouth agape, Guess what catches my eye in the related links…A DVD with the title of this movie in its title! I was like, WTF?!! Turns out it isn’t the actual movie! Which kind of makes it possible for me to get my senses back a little bit! It seems this is a Spin off story from the movie!

Guys, there is a spinoff DVD of the movie! A movie that isn’t even out yet! A spinoff that centres around just Takane (Miki) and Mika (Misato) playing some water games! Like…

Give me a moment please…

Okay, I am calm. I am calm.

NOT! Sorry savings but this is an emergency! Off to Amazon to order this like, right now!

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[Update] New Trailer for Project Zero

映画「劇場版 零~ゼロ~」予告編 - YouTube.mp4 - 00040
映画「劇場版 零~ゼロ~」予告編 - YouTube.mp4 - 00012 映画「劇場版 零~ゼロ~」予告編 - YouTube.mp4 - 00011
映画「劇場版 零~ゼロ~」予告編 - YouTube.mp4 - 00035 映画「劇場版 零~ゼロ~」予告編 - YouTube.mp4 - 00037
映画「劇場版 零~ゼロ~」予告編 - YouTube.mp4 - 00032 映画「劇場版 零~ゼロ~」予告編 - YouTube.mp4 - 00030
映画「劇場版 零~ゼロ~」予告編 - YouTube.mp4 - 00046
映画「劇場版 零~ゼロ~」予告編 - YouTube.mp4 - 00038 映画「劇場版 零~ゼロ~」予告編 - YouTube.mp4 - 00050
映画「劇場版 零~ゼロ~」予告編 - YouTube.mp4 - 00004 映画「劇場版 零~ゼロ~」予告編 - YouTube.mp4 - 00022
映画「劇場版 零~ゼロ~」予告編 - YouTube.mp4 - 00016

If there were any doubts at all about the gayness of this take on the popular horror game Project Zero/Fatal Frame, then this new (and longer) trailer totally clears the waters for you! It doesn’t get any gayer than red threads of destiny which connect people in two very different world, and those can’t came any different than the world of the living and the dead! And this all supposedly being based off the first game which, as far as I know wasn’t gay in the least! Seriously, now I am dying to know what they would with the Crimson Butterfly game!

We get a clear look on our main girls as do we a few other characters and we also get a closer tease at the story. Seems like Aya (our beloved ghost) might actually not be the bad ghost that everyone talks about and in fact there are two different peo…er…ghosts that look alike. Hmmm, are they trying to mix in the elements from Crimson Butterfly in this? And by that I mean the twins card, though it doesn’t seem like they are related but Aya might just have the wrong memories and it’s some kind of twist.

Other than that though, Aya has to be like the a gay goddess or something because everyone is super gay for her, and all this when she is d.e.a.d! There were not one, not two, but three girls kissing Aya’s photo in this latest trailer and that includes our main girl Michi (Aoi). What was even more questionable was that she was kissing it right in front of Aya! Why kiss the photo when the actual person is there?! Okay I mean she is a ghost but still, air kiss her or something! That kissing her photo when she is watching is super creepy and I don’t know even why!

I am really looking forward to this now! Bodies are of course still dropping like sheep and Aya is still doing the Jesus thing and I think I spotted a Ring scene in there so of course this is all horror first and gay next! Totally what the Doctor ordered!

Anyway I have bored you enough, hit the jump to watch it on YT…

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[Update] Relevant DVD Release Dates


Akai x Pink

*On Sale Now

91X2lo-z JL._SL1500_

Jelly Fish

*On Sale Now


Nuiguruma Z

*On Sale Now


Noroi no Kotodama

*17th September



*10th October


5 tsu no yume

*7th November

And there you have it.

Looks like I have to wait for Flare before I can get my copies of JF and N-Z but to those aware, Aka Pinku is actually already on the internetz in the usual places so you can grab it if you can.

Strange though how TGS’s Noroi is coming out on DVD/BD before 5 tsu when 5 tsu was released in cinemas earlier, three months or so in fact. Oh well, I hope this means there will be extra content on the Blurays.

Any way, yeah. So much stuff to catch up on that I am lost as to where to start but here seeing as there were many comments and messages asking about these movies, especially Jelly Fish. Strange though that it isn’t on the internets yet. And since  I was kicked off Avistaz, can’t really check there. Oh well…if you can wait until October for my copy to arrive…



It’s heeere–Project Zero trailer!

劇場版 零~ゼロ~』特報 - YouTube.mp4 - 00007
劇場版 零~ゼロ~』特報 - YouTube.mp4 - 00010 劇場版 零~ゼロ~』特報 - YouTube.mp4 - 00013
劇場版 零~ゼロ~』特報 - YouTube.mp4 - 00008
I’ve been waiting so long for you

And there are still those who doubt that God exists! I pity thee! If you believe you never go wrong! It was only a few days back that I made a post about this and wished for a trailer and only just a few days later the trailer hits! That’s it, I am going out to play lotto right after posting this! I am very lucky!

It’s a really short trailer, really, more like a teaser of 36min but I am already sold on buying this on Bluray! I mean I was already sold but still, from what I have seen so far nothing can stop me from adding this to my collection!

劇場版 零~ゼロ~』特報 - YouTube.mp4 - 00023
劇場版 零~ゼロ~』特報 - YouTube.mp4 - 00019 劇場版 零~ゼロ~』特報 - YouTube.mp4 - 00004
劇場版 零~ゼロ~』特報 - YouTube.mp4 - 00009 劇場版 零~ゼロ~』特報 - YouTube.mp4 - 00014
劇場版 零~ゼロ~』特報 - YouTube.mp4 - 00016 劇場版 零~ゼロ~』特報 - YouTube.mp4 - 00017
劇場版 零~ゼロ~』特報 - YouTube.mp4 - 00022

Like, look at all those bodies falling left and right?! I don’t think I’ve seen so many bodies since Battle Royal! That’s right, it’s not only Hori Miona that’s into gore! And is walking on water like the she is a sex-changed Jesus?! I didn’t think ghosts could walk on water! I mean not even Sadako could do it and her ghost was all about water!

Aoi and Ayami are looking really good so far and that line at the end of teaser got me good! I have very high hopes for this movie! Seriously 2014 is turning out to be one surprise of a year! I most certainly wasn’t expecting as much as this and we are only half way through the year!

Any way, as you see the movie will hit cinemas in September so sadly it will have to be next year before we get to enjoy it, we poor gaijin. Any way hit the jump for the teaser trailer…

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[News] Project Zero/Fatal Frame Movie

20140613-00000016-dengeki-002-1-thumb Zero_(Japanese_Movie)-0001
miku1280_3 miku1280 miku1280_2

That’s right dear Readers, your eyes are not deceiving you. That right there is Aoi-chan, our lovely main girl from the Schoolgirl Complex Movie. And the one alongside her is Model/Actress Nakajo Ayami.

Now I never played any Project Zero games (Or Fatal Frame as the Americans like to call it because original names are too beta for them apparently) and the only game in the series I am familiar with is the second instalment Crimson Butterfly (The one with the twins), for obvious reasons I hope. I did not play that game as well but there is a great walkthrough on youtube from a Japanese female fan that I sat through none-stop because it was just awesome and hearing the girl go fangirl mode at the yuri undertones was a treasure.

And so, I know nothing of importance about the other games in the series. But from what I gather from Wiki, the first game (which is this one) has no yuri whatsoever. From what I understood, Miku our heroine (who has to be Aoi with that short hair) goes to a certain mansion in the search of her brother. Turns out he was being held hostage by someone there, a ghost of a woman I think, and the reason being that Miku’s brother reminded the ghost (Kirie) of her former lover.

Now take that story in and then have a look at those first on-set images.

If we are to believe that the movie follows the story of the game to the letter, something looks waay off. First of all Kirie should be way older, if they are talking about things like lover and former, right? Also the setting here looks more like it was set in a school than a mansion during none-school days. Also from the looks of things, the ghost looks to be more fond of Miku there, am I right?

So which begs the question, what is the movie really going to be about story wise? Are we going to get a few changes? And if so, will the fans (a lot of fans since that game was really popular) accept the change?  I find it hard to believe that they would complain if we get a yuri take on things. I mean you would think that the brother would be a major player in the cast but from the sites I’ve seen so far, he hasn’t been that important to mention.

Oh well, I will wait for the trailer and more information but I sure hope the story is not the same in the game which is about a vengeful spirit that wants Miku’s brother for herself. Looks more to me like the ghost wants Miku instead from the movie stills and I hope that’s what we get.

Any way, I wasn’t expecting to see Aoi-chan so soon, and in another role that promises to be awesome. And it’s too early but I hope they are gonna make a sequel. MikaRika for the twins roles please Japan, I beg of you, that is if you are making a Crimson Butterfly movie.

Did I mention how 2014 is one surprise of a year?



Sorry, just found more information on AsianWiki. Looks like the movie’s storyline is not going to be anywhere near that of the original game. According to them, here is the plot…

At an all girls’ high school located in a mountain village, Aya (Nakajo Ayami) lives in a dormitory at the school. One day, she sees a vision of herself dying and becomes shocked. From that moment, she is unable to leave her dorm room. Other students begin to see a female ghost within the dormitory. Girls begin to disappear one by one. The girls that went missing all saw a picture of a girl who looked like Aya before they disappeared.

Michi (Morikawa Aoi) lives in the same dormitory as Aya. Michi’s friend Kasumi disappears right in front of Michi. Michi thinks all the disappearances maybe caused by Aya. Michi tries to talk to Aya through her dorm room door. Soon, Kasumi’s body is found.

So very different from the game. Not only is the story a bit different but the characters and their names are not the same. Also as i suspected, this is going to be set in a school (well, dormitory) and no boys…YES!

Gonna be painful ( BAD END) but really, that is expected in a horror movie, especially with ghosts involved. I can’t wait for the trailer. I am sure it’s going to drop any moment now seeing as this movie is gonna be released in September.


Shinshunki Gokko Trailer

思春期ごっこ』予告編 - YouTube.mp4 - 00041 思春期ごっこ』予告編 - YouTube.mp4 - 00034

Heck yeah!

After days and days of having that teaser image as my Desktop Background, we finally get the trailer for my most looked forward to movie of next year (There is no way you will be seeing DVDs of this, this year. Nope!)

I have really, really tried to resist writing about this until a trailer hit. believe you me, it wasn’t very easy. And so when it finally did, I couldn’t even wait for a Full HD trailer before I gobbled what I got all up!

No, your eyes aren’t deceiving you! That is Honoka Miki, who, if you aren’t into JDramas then you might remember her as that girls that played Yumi in the LIVE action Marimite movie way back in 2010. She has been in other movies and drama since then so she shouldn’t be that alien seeing as most of those dramas were popular.

And yes, this is serious romance/yuri/threesome business! Those caps you see are indeed the two ships about to take flight with kisses! Here is a synopsis of the movie, courtesy of AsianWiki…

Takane (Honoka Miki) is a teenage student interested in art. Her friend Mika (Misato Aoyama) wants to become a novelist. They are best friends and have developed feelings for each other. Their relationship though becomes shaken by the presence of Namie (Yukie Kawamura). Namie is an ex-novelist and works as a librarian.

See?! Total SRS Business in this movie yo! And as such, there is going to be pain. But really, at this rate we should come to expect something  of the negative to balance out the good! And really, taste is always best with a bit of salt, right? But there is a breath of freshness in this one from what I see in the trailer. Takane is willing to go the complete mile. She doesn’t start things she won’t finish. We clearly see her fighting for for her love Mika, even going so far as taking the fight to Mika’s crush, the new Librarian Namie.

I can’t wait for this movie guys. It is gonna be good! Aggressiveness and Miki aren’t things that anyone would associate with the other but she seems ready for murder if it means getting Mika back.

A reminder that yes, this is a yuri movie you all!

I mean can you believe we are actually getting something like this? We have yet to get a lesbian character that is so dominant  like Takane is looking to turn out, let alone the opponent being a girl too. Seriously not even Ai had the guts to take the fight to the enemy or actually put up an aggressive approach to their lover like Takane seems ready to do in the swimming pool scene with Mika.

This is really gonna be gud!

And from the look of things it seems it will be s story told by a grown up Takane of their love during those years in Junior High I guess? And from what Takane says about her feelings towards Mika, I don’t even care if this is gonna be a heart-wreaker, I am keeping this for the books and it looks ready to join my favourites list.

‘Be it ten years or a hundred years,  iwill always love Mika the most!’

No way I am missing this for the world. No way!

Any way, jump over for a few more caps and the trailer…

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