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What even AKS, what even!!


  • Sayaya out of B to 4. (You did not!)
  • Moechan to B instead of Hinana
  • Miichan from 4 to K! (Are u mad)
  • Sashiko from HKT to AKB (Why the hell not?)
  • Yukirin from only AKB kennin to sister to only AKB kennin to sister (Huh? ver2)
  • Yukirin from NMB (Okay….)
  • Yukirin Kennin (Huh? But didn’t you just cancel it?)
  • Yukirin to Niigata! (WTF?!! ver2!)
  • Tripping on Team 8 (Leeches!)
  • Yankee B (Well, it didn’t change with Umechan and Mayuki are still there so…)
  • 1.1 years since last shuffle! (I will buy the brand to save you people from yourselves!)
  • 13yr old kennin! (Sashikooooo, WTH are you doing?!)
  • Future NMB ace? Put her in Team A (Those damn leeches!)
  • HKT Ace, leave her in Team A
  • While we are at it, put all the comedians in A too. (No, it can’t be…)
  • That means Shiichan and Maachun too. (Nooooooo!)
  • No, we won’t return her to NMB. (Sanovabitch!)
  • Future future Ace, (Naanyan) in A too
  • Nope not done! It’s the double centre generation so…
  • let’s make Paruru a solo center for the new single! (You, you,…)
  • Oh yeah, she stays in A too.
  • And BTW, Make the future Souchan A’s Captain, again, you know for the lulz
  • We love A. (…)
  • Team 8 Center? Put her in team K
  • Actually take all the sister Aces and put them all in AKB!
  • But we neglected B last time. Let’s give them Team 8’s fav (K.Nagisa)
  • Ricchan graduating
  • Annin not participating in SSK
  • Kojiharu laughing at Yukirin’s fate for always being screwed by fate
  • Renacchi and Milky back to B and Yukirin
  • Marina and Mayuyu reunited
  • Yuria and Milky on the same team (Oh snap! Thank the Lord for Yukirin staying)
  • Yuria-cap!, Ryouka Sub (Oh Lord!)
  • Oh yeah, get rid of that forever KKS nonsense! Promote that girl already!

Basically the happenings of today’s concert! I don’t know what to think of this fandom anymore! Actually I do. Here is what I have to say about it…

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[Yukirin World] Is that a battle cry I hear?

CA7lV8sWoAACUCn.jpg largegfg CA7lV89WgAELUFT.jpg large

OMG! It so is! Time to get cracking dear Yukirinians! I’m starting next week to do the thing. Can you hear me sillythings? Get the champagne ready, or something! And that Yukirin, always herself even now. The way she said the word and then did the laugh like she was some kind of evil mastermind or something! She was the 5th AKB member to submit her application and the 1st NMB! Apparently she did it in the first 30mins like she was lining up for that thing hours before! This is SRS Business dear Yukirinians!

Ahh I long to see some Yukirin tears. I know she won’t cry when she doesn’t get the No.1 but she will definitely cry when she does. Mark my words! My dreams/delusions don’t lie! I felt something there that is beyond simple delusions. Mousou powers are nothing to take kindly. Just ask Juri-baby!


When Marnie Was There [Ghibli-Movie]

MANIE.Title1.m2ts - 00099
MANIE.Title1.m2ts - 00038 MANIE.Title1.m2ts - 00055
MANIE.Title1.m2ts - 00105 MANIE.Title1.m2ts - 00112
MANIE.Title1.m2ts - 00119
When Marnie Was There 思い出のマーニー

Help me!!!

I just lost my Studio Ghibli virginity and it has left me with a very odd feeling! Actually now that I think about it, though this movie wasn’t a part of those movies I said I was going to be posting about these coming days, I am adding Marnie to that list right now. This should tell you all you need to know about this movie before we even get started.

So, why now? Why am I only getting into Studio Ghibli movies after what feels like years since joining the Anime Community? Well, that is a very good question because Studio Ghibli was not for me so why did I decide to jump over-board this time? Well it might have to do with the fact that I was reeled in by the trailer, not to mention /u/ wouldn’t shut up about this during those trailer days so I figured I might as well add it to my wishlist.

Well, I am still debating whether that was a wise decision or not! But I will probably have made up my mind by the time I finish writing this post. And with that said, let’s get this thing rolling…

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Wonderful World End [J-Movie]

Wonderful World End.mkv - 00236
Wonderful World End.mkv - 00133 Wonderful World End.mkv - 00167
Wonderful World End.mkv - 00004 Wonderful World End.mkv - 00087
Wonderful World End.mkv - 00222
Wonderful World End ワンダフルワールドエンド


Ha! Didn’t see that coming now did you! Did you?!! You couldn’t have, after all neither could I! Seriously I wasn’t expecting this movie to come out on DVD until like, Autumn but there I was, getting an alert in my Yahoo App telling me that this movie is already available to purchase! I was like pinching myself trying to prove that I wasn’t dreaming or something while at the same time I was offering up my Card to be sacrificed!

Well, since you are reading this, that means that this is true! This movie exists, after being shown in cinemas like, this Jan, or was that Feb, either way it was this year which means that the possibility of getting DVDs this early shouldn’t be at all possible but here we are! Then again, this might be because it was easy putting this on DVD seeing as it is a completely uncut version of those awesome PVs!

I had a feeling that would be the case but I did not believe it! Well believe you me dear Readers, that is the case! This movie is like the complete PV uncut! It has all the rawness of those PVs and even some more! Just imagine the craziness of PVs turned into a movie and you will know what this movie’s vibe is like! Can’t get it, well let me break it to you, it is crazy!

This movie, its very existence showed me that miracles do happen! I mean we see MV based on movies all the time but they always come after the movies, not this one! This time the movie came after the PVs due to high demand and many wishes, of which one was mine and let me tell you now I am so very happy to have gotten my wish granted! Why not? After all, how many of you get to say your wishes were granted?!! How could I not be happy!!!

As I mentioned during my post on Jan 1st (yes, I have no life! blogging on New Years Day, HA! HA!) and also as I just mentioned now, the characters from the PV reprise their roles because like I said, the movie happened because of the PVs so making the movie without the PV characters would be a complete waste of time! And so the same characters returned, with some new ones that we did not get to see in the PV but are necessary to the story and are welcome! That being said, the ones we are most interested in are of course these two…

Hashimoto Ai as Shiori
Aonami Jun as Ami

Though this movie will lose you if you try to even think any deeper about it, this is the movie with the BEST END, actually the only one with a GOOD END of all the movies I am going to be blogging about in the coming days! And so I am very thankful for it just for that fact alone! You should know how hard a GOOD END movie when it comes to yuri is to find! You would think that in the current world where people are more tolerable of differences that movies would try to support this good turn but nooo! Instead they wish to keep of this doom of fear cloud that instead of making people come out and feel more confident in themselves they are instead forced to hide deeper within themselves for the dread these movies promises them is to come!

Yes I know this is true, I have seen it, experienced it too but aren’t movies supposed to be our light? Aren’t they supposed to make us happy even if it is a delusion? Movies are supposed to be our fairy tales but for some reason even in movies different people are subjected to the cruelty of reality! Why won’t you make more GOOD END yuri movies Za Warudo!!!??

Okay, forget this. I am so ruining my mood. Let’s get this movie started, shall we?

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Nogizaka just won’t let it go!

Nogi B5.mkv - 00056
Nogi C7.mkv - 00006 Nogi C7.mkv - 00005
Nogi C3.mkv - 00012
Nogi A8.mkv - 00052 Nogi A8.mkv - 00040
Nogi A3.mkv - 00005

Just when I think Nogizaka singles couldn’t possibly get any more awesome, the latest, the 11th, goes and proves me wrong! You know those mini-drama episodes that come with the singles? You know, the ones that previously were solo? Yeah, I got tired of those real fast to the point of not remembering when I last watched them. It was precisely that reason that I decided to watch them now, I mean something must have changed, right?! They couldn’t possibly do the same thing for all those singles!

My curiosity was rewarded grandly! This time they paired up the members (sometimes more than two) for each mini drama and it might just be me but the quality sky-rocketed so high! Seriously, some of these would pass for a full feature length! Like the NGS ship (Wakatsuki-sama and Nanase) one or that Ikoma-kun and Marika one too! Seriously there was some good stuff this time around! And I gotta say it right now, the cuteness of that Asuka/Minami video was out of this world! I am a secret shipper (secret no more I guess) of these two and have been waiting for something of the two and viola! But let’s begin with the one that birthed the title of this post!

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Oh ye Gods, U so Funny!

That’s Rena stating that she won’t be participating in SSK this year! That’s right, Matsui Rena won’t be participating in SSK this year!!


The only person we were counting on to hold back Juri-baby is out of the picture! Now with SKE Oshii no longer plagued by the decision of whether to push Jurina or Rena and always being split between the two, no longer have this problem, at least for this SSK! Now there is no stopping Juri-baby!

Oh Yukirin, your luck, or lack there of astounds me sometimes! Just when I thought the hurdles were enough already and now this! Why Rena, why?! I believed in you! What are we going to do when we don’t get that regular YukiRena on the covers that we have come to know and love!

Oh well…


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