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[AKBINGO] Best! Damn! Episode! EVER!

141021 AKBINGO! ep311.ts - 00305
Yui x Mako
141021 AKBINGO! ep311.ts - 00337
Aoi x Kanon
141021 AKBINGO! ep311.ts - 00284
Yuka x Ryouka
141021 AKBINGO! ep311.ts - 00341
Madoka x Natsumi
141021 AKBINGO! ep311.ts - 00317
Mako x Yuka
141021 AKBINGO! ep311.ts - 00023
And Pedo Centre…

What…What is this? What did I just watch?!!

Dear Readers, my innards are a chaotic mess right now! I haven’t blogged about this until now not because I was late to the party (like, I am disappoint if you thought I was!) but rather because my mind was just too blown! When I saw the preview last week I thought it was just a prank of some sort! And even when I got to watching this episode this week, and I saw the babies I thought, surely they can’t do it with lolis around (Wait, isn’t this a midnight show? What are lolis doing here? Oh wait, AKBINGO used to have Love-tan way back in the 0ji days and she was younger than NakoMiku back then so…) Any way, it’s about morality and for some reason I thought since the babies were around we possibly couldn’t get a full segment about a ChuChu train!

I was wrong!

Apparently even after I watched the Team * version of ChuChu Train on Anta Dare I am still thick headed! Yes, it actually happened. There are gifs on tumblr about it. here is a gif if you want…

They did this for 60 seconds!

SERIKA and Saachan were in it! And yet I still doubt Japan! Why? I don’t know! Maybe because that was very SFW unlike the AKBINGO version! Then again, one is LIVE during the day and the other is recorded, for the middle of the night showing!!

Good Lord, I am mouth-watering just thinking about the damn episode! My mind working on delusions 10x more than it usually does (And believe me you, I watch a lot of P$&*UDDGH^&*

Ahem, sorry about that!

You won’t even believe the number of times I’ve already re-watched this episode like…I am so far still that I can’t even think of a comprehensible way to write about this episode so I am just going to put up a bunch of caps and one-liners!

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UZA + Zena x Yuri = Instant WIN!

[DCPR]SNH48-UZA .mkv - 00179
[DCPR]SNH48-UZA .mkv - 00180 [DCPR]SNH48-UZA .mkv - 00181
[DCPR]SNH48-UZA .mkv - 00026
[DCPR]SNH48-UZA .mkv - 00025 [DCPR]SNH48-UZA .mkv - 00027
[DCPR]SNH48-UZA .mkv - 00135
[DCPR]SNH48-UZA .mkv - 00068
 [DCPR]SNH48-UZA .mkv - 00048


Just when I thought UZA couldn’t possibly get any better SKN48 goes and proves me completely wrong with their version! While Yukirin, Jurina, Yuko and Sayanee to mention but a few were fabulous in the AKB48 version, there is just not beating anything with yuri in it! Now, sure we got a bit of Mayuki in the original with Mayuyu going complete fangirl mode over Clown in a box Yukirin (or was it Black in a Box?), SNH stole the gold with the hand holding, and embracing! And you know me and my hands dearest Readers!

But SKN did not stop there. They went and dressed the girls up in battle leather that no matter how hard I try to not compare them, those costumes remind me of Xena and seriously, who in the community doesn’t love or know of Xena the Warrior Princess?! That was my first ever non-cartoon show I remember ever following and it probably is the one that first introduced me to the concept of shipping not to mention the community. Remember the term ‘subtext’ anyone? Apparently it was invented with Xena too, no kidding!

And the girls really pulled off the badass look in those costumes! Especially my lovely, lovely, Xiao Ai! And speaking of her, I don’t know how she knew but for some reason her going long-haired for this was like, the rightest decision ever! A boyish girl in a Xena costume just cannot do and she always wears her hair short so I was very happy she went for the long this time around. Totally brings out the pure strong woman within which really, is all Xena is about!

In addition to that, the PV story itself has a layer or two deeper than the AKB version of UZA, at least from my understanding. There is more thinking involved in this SNH version then what I needed for the original and I love me some mind-games too! (Yep, I worship Christ Nolan!)

But the thing that took the cake for me, and for most  I think is the yuri! Now sure one couple lost their love to dreams (JingYi & YuGe) but SNH being awesome, they give us a backup couple (Si and JiaQi) to counter the bitter-taste feeling of the other tragic one. And to that I have no choice in the matter but to salute thee SNH48! You took on a very hard challenge (seriously, making a better UZA?!) and succeeded so plops to you! And thanks for the yuri as well! Really would’ve preferred some Xiao Ai and Savoki loving but really, I am a beggar and thus not allowed to choose so I will take anything really! That applies to the lack of sword fights!Like, can you imagine the epicness if there were awesome sword fights?! I guess there was and Savoki is the reigning champ thus why she is lost on the battle field because she has no more challengers to face! It really is lonely at the top, isn’t it ^^

Also for some reason the instrumentals themselves sounds better than the AKB48 version to me. So SNH wins there as well. As for the vocals, I have to confess that I think Japanese goes much better with the music but that might just be me and my complete ignorance towards the Chinese language.

Anyway, hit the jump for more caps and the YouTube link…

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No HORMONES, No! No! No! NO!

[KudaLakorn] Hormones 2x13.avi - 00064
[KudaLakorn] Hormones 2x13.avi - 00065
[KudaLakorn] Hormones 2x13.avi - 00066
[KudaLakorn] Hormones 2x13.avi - 00068
[KudaLakorn] Hormones 2x13.avi - 00004
[KudaLakorn] Hormones 2x13.avi - 00069
[KudaLakorn] Hormones 2x13.avi - 00070
[KudaLakorn] Hormones 2x13.avi - 00071
[KudaLakorn] Hormones 2x13.avi - 00009
[KudaLakorn] Hormones 2x13.avi - 00010
[KudaLakorn] Hormones 2x13.avi - 00012
[KudaLakorn] Hormones 2x13.avi - 00015
[KudaLakorn] Hormones 2x13.avi - 00017
[KudaLakorn] Hormones 2x13.avi - 00030
[KudaLakorn] Hormones 2x13.avi - 00031
[KudaLakorn] Hormones 2x13.avi - 00036
[KudaLakorn] Hormones 2x13.avi - 00038
[KudaLakorn] Hormones 2x13.avi - 00042
[KudaLakorn] Hormones 2x13.avi - 00040
[KudaLakorn] Hormones 2x13.avi - 00043
[KudaLakorn] Hormones 2x13.avi - 00045

You can’t do this Hormones, you just can’t! You just can’t bring back a scene from the very first episodes of the first season into the very last episode of the this season! That just cannot do! What is it you want?! What is your mission?! You can’t just give hope, then trash it for a season and a half then bring that hope back towards the end just like that! You just can’t! What the hell was this? Fan-service?! It best not be! You had better have something underlying this decision of yours especially seeing where Dao and Koi were and also getting rid of one of the obstacles to Khwan’s heart (That Win guy is the only one left, cause no, I do not consider Sprite one)!

But if it were Fan Service even, why the service? Does it mean there are other Dao/Khwan shippers out there? I mean I knew there were some because from my first post about this series I have only noticed the Khwan and Dao caps being licked on most of the time not Dao and Koi for some reason. I thought they were the thing? Maybe there are more Dao/Khwan fans that I had thought and the guys in charge of the series know it which is why…Then again, for all I know this is actually canon from the books (apparently this series is based off books?) so it might be nothing at all but Mein Gott, if the scenes of Dao and Khwan aren’t delicious!

Seriously this simple scene above just came and stole the whole second season for me! I kid you not, I have re-watched this scene like eight times already! The happiness on their faces when they are in each other’s presence  is just…WOW! Like, even from the very beginning, did you guys see how fast Dao’s head whipped around at the very first sound of Khwan’s voice?! My God, you would think they were on the same wavelength or something! Like Dao is a server just sitting there listening for a ping from Khwan’s client and we all know that can’t happen unless they are connected somehow!

Soul mates, and they don’t even know it! Dear season three, if you are there, I have very high expectations of you, just letting you know!

And then they did that thing again! That thing where Dao is not afraid to explicitly state how happy Khwan makes her just from the simplest of things like accepting her or praising her like when Khwan thanked her for the card she gave her. It wasn’t anything special, many students have come there to take the exact same thing yet somehow Khwan taking one of them (which she handed to her herself BTW as is she had kept a special one just for Khwan) makes her so damn happy and she doesn’t even skip a bit letting Khwan know that! And Khwan is all like ‘Of course’, totally revelling in the feeling she gets from making Dao that happy.

But wait, there is more! Still making those smiles at each other, Khwan turns to leave for of course, like some scene from a Korean romantic drama (yes, I am taking a jab at her for making fun of Dao’s great idea!), she has to turn around as if sensing Dao’s adoring eyes on her back, which actually they were, and flashes her one final smile which is of course returned by Dao and Dao watches her until she is out of range!

Please kill me!

Like, how am I supposed to not ship this?! How!?! And most importantly, why did they just go and do this to me!!? I didn’t need thins right now! I was all ready to sell my soul to Dao/Koi when they get their issues resolved (which doesn’t seem to be) and now they go and do this! What else am I supposed to do but to regain hope in my 1st ship to take sail? And then one of the guys in love with Khwan confesses and he get totally dumped and Win guy looks to be on his way to the afterlife (maybe) soon so…Is this a set-up?!!

Why Hormones, why?! You just can’t do this to us! And just when I thought we were finally safe from the teasing…

[KudaLakorn] Hormones 2x13.avi - 00047
[KudaLakorn] Hormones 2x13.avi - 00049
[KudaLakorn] Hormones 2x13.avi - 00054

i cant

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Sorry Sakura but that’s Impossibru

141016 AKB to XX! ep54.mp4 - 00164
141016 AKB to XX! ep54.mp4 - 00098 141016 AKB to XX! ep54.mp4 - 00094
141016 AKB to XX! ep54.mp4 - 00034

So, there I was wondering what this monthly AKB show would have in store for us this time seeing as it has really been real nice to us these past few episodes, first with that MAYUKI date to start out this new arc. Then followed up by another date of a couple that I actually do ship from Team 4, Miichan and Okada Nana. And lo and behold what we have now too?! Another date and with not just about anybody but my loveliest of them all from their respective groups; Sakura-tan and Ikoma-kun!

Thank you blessed AKB to XX!

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NMB48 10th Single is…

MV】らしくない _ NMB48 [公式] (Short ver.) - YouTube.mp4 - 00043
MV】らしくない _ NMB48 [公式] (Short ver.) - YouTube.mp4 - 00049 MV】らしくない _ NMB48 [公式] (Short ver.) - YouTube.mp4 - 00002
MV】らしくない _ NMB48 [公式] (Short ver.) - YouTube.mp4 - 00005
MV】らしくない _ NMB48 [公式] (Short ver.) - YouTube.mp4 - 00009 MV】らしくない _ NMB48 [公式] (Short ver.) - YouTube.mp4 - 00020
Way GAY!
MV】らしくない _ NMB48 [公式] (Short ver.) - YouTube.mp4 - 00012
MV】らしくない _ NMB48 [公式] (Short ver.) - YouTube.mp4 - 00036 MV】らしくない _ NMB48 [公式] (Short ver.) - YouTube.mp4 - 00054
MV】らしくない _ NMB48 [公式] (Short ver.) - YouTube.mp4 - 00034
MV】らしくない _ NMB48 [公式] (Short ver.) - YouTube.mp4 - 00015

I don’t know about you all or what happened but this latest GAY in my NMB singles is a very welcome change! It started with the last single which was one of my Favs – Maachun’s last as an NMB member and now it continues in this single, the first with my Kami Yukirin as an NMB member. Coincidence? Um, let me get back to you on that!

And while Takane no Ringo just left things up to the viewer to speculate on that implied Maachun/Milky, things here in the 10th single (title ‘Rashiku’ BTW) are way more obvious! And really, when the setting is a catholic girl’s school you know there is gonna be yuri, where Japan is concerned anyway! And man, we did not get disappointed!

I am hoping too that NMB does something more differently this time and a longer slice of the movie dedicated to the drama parts because I want to enjoy all this teased yuri to its full glory! That hungry way with which Fuuchan stares at Mirurun’s perfect lips like she wants to devour them on the spot just has to going somewhere! Could it be we are going to get a BEST END where these two new Centres (Team M’s Shiroma Miru and Yagura Fuuko) kiss!?! Please God, take the luck you had spared for me when I play the lotto and give me this END! I don’t want nothing else!

Ah but it is not just these surprise Centres (A really good surprise! I am sure some of you caught me once complaining about the Sayanee domination in NMB at one point so this makes me really happy) but we also get a glimpse of an almost perfect threesome, well, the only threesome I would even ever consider and that is YukiSayaMilky! The way Yukirin had her arms around SayaMilky like they were her…

Lord Jesus!

So, Yukirin has not only brought the cute/sexy (Ibiza girl/Kyuusen Kyoutei) but she has brought her AKBGAY virus with her as well?

Heh, Just kidding!

Either way I am totally loving this single! And it has very little to do with the fact that my Kami is in it! Well played AKS, you totally got me when you managed to keep me around after getting rid of Maachun by bringing over Yukirin! Everything else < Yukirin so of course I would stay interested in NMB, well, at least part of it! Maachun was my link to NMB, the whole of NMB but now Yukirin only keeps me interested in only Yukirin related NMB activities.

Well, this means that I have to buy the new singles even as I had thought I wouldn’t after Maachun left! At the very least the yuri is also another strong reason to buy it next to Yukirin too but still, I miss Maachun in NMB! I still don’t understand that move from them! Maachun? Really? And what are you doing with her in AKB anyway, other than the fact that you are milking her of her comedian skills? Which by the way she doesn’t seem to utilize as much anymore.

I wanna cry in a corner so if you will excuse me…


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