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Majisuka Gakuen 4? Wat Do?


Yes, it’s real and it starts apparently, as early as January!

I should be jumping for joy, after all, I have been crying for another season of Majisuka Gakuen but then reality hit me in the face when I remember the last season! Also when  I saw this pic and the listed favourites to helm the fourth Season of what was our favourite 48 Show. I realised that we shall never go back to the badass days when our girls took on challenging roles and brought out the hidden monsters within. Looking at the possible candidates to be the Next Atsuko/Parurin, I am ready to cry!

Nako, Naanyan, Mako, Miion, Sakura, Ikumin, Ryouha?! Really? Ikoma-kun maybe but there is no way those girls can pull off the Badassadness that is expected from them now! I just don’t see it!

There are way more suited options for this show like Sayanee, Milky, Aya, Madoka, all those options but these listed ones! And you know what’s frightening, is that they might actually go for one of these! Like, why?! Where are the days when roles were decided on the Sousenkyou Ranking?  Just come up with a new TV show if you are so desperate to promote your new Gens! Just don’t butcher what was a great series by warping it into some moe thing! Either let Majisuka Gakuen remain the badass show that it is supposed to be and cast Awesome characters or just create a new show!

Majisuka 3 was barely saved by Annin, Nobunaga, Yagi/Messi and yuri! It was 90% comedic inuedos which totally turned me off 50% of the time! I understand new fans wanting their new gens to be badass yankees like ours were back in the day but these New Gens just don’t have it!

Unless they takes other wild-cards from NMB, SKE and HKT, who are actually capable of frightening the be-Jesus out of us, I am really worried!

Do I sound a bit bitter about this? Well, maybe I am for  I am almost 100% sure there is 0.000000001% chance of Old Teams coming back at all, or even old character. You know, for a sequel it sure is no sequel. Can you imagine if TV shows like for example Buffy, or Supernatural got a new season and the characters and the story were completely different?! Heads would roll!

But alas, Just like how something gets more dilute the more water you add to it, Majisuka Gakuen seems destined for the same Fate! They don’t need to bring back old characters. I only wish for an actual gripping cast like the ones in the beginning!

On the other hand, if there is yuri, all might be forgiven. Might!! I just pray that if it’s Naanyan that she doesn’t bring her straight-curse from Sailor Zombie with her. Oh God, they better not start bringing in male characters! They better not!

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[Pics] Yukirin is home

That Smile tho>.<
Maachun for President!

So any way, as it seems like the internet is against us, I might as well post some caps now of Yukirin during the Hometown Team B performance.

These are obviously caps from a vid but is it anywhere on this side of the internetz? Nope! And watching these caps made me more hungry for the Young Magazine photoshoot with Yukirin, Sakura-tan, Sayaya and Miion. That Magazine was released the same day this concert held. It’s already two days (in the case of japan) since then but are there caps available? NOPE!

Like, why?! This one time I actually I’m desperate for scans and they don’t happen right away! I mean this is Yukirin FFs! And not just her, she’s with Sakura-tan, Sayaya and Miion! Those three are also the thing right now! Like, why?!! Is everyone greedy with their mags and they don’t want to share?! What’s going on/!!

Any way, enough rumblings. I will of course be blogging about this LIVE when I get the chance to watch it because damn, Yukirin is always happy but she was more so in this stage, which is understandable but it is still a huge difference from what I see. Those smile, I haven’t seen before!

And other girls too. Like Maachun for example. I don’t remember seeing her sweat this much since coming to AKB! What happened over there in Kagoshima!?! I want to watch this so badly >.<

But before then, here are some caps I snatched from Twitter.


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Itsutsu Kazoere ba Kimi no Yume [J-Movie]

TGS 5tsu Movie.m2ts - 00719
TGS 5tsu Movie.m2ts - 00706 TGS 5tsu Movie.m2ts - 00710TGS 5tsu Movie.m2ts - 00328 TGS 5tsu Movie.m2ts - 00688
5-tsu kazoere ba kimi no yume  ~ 5つ数えれば君の夢

Ladies and Gentlemen, I have just watched TGS’s 5-tsu movie and let me tell you right now, I believe in miracles! Let me tell you a little secret – TOKYO GIRLS’ STLE is actually my favourite Idol group! Yes, it even beats out AKB and NMB! Yes, I can just see you frowning or laughing at this apparent lie and believe me, I was in denial as well for a while but not anymore. Forgetting the fact that my beloved NMB was fucked up since Feb, or the old, old fact of the way AKB treats (or doesn’t treat) my Goddess, the hard evidence staring right at me right now in my room proves everything! I have virtually purchased all of TGS’s releases and aside from the 5-tsu BD, I always go for the priciest version that is to say the best version. The 5-tsu thing isn’t my fault really. They did not sell the Limited Editions instead they gave them at a LIVE event, which really sucked for us international fans! But I am saving up to get that one copy on Amazon that is over 100 bucks and hopefully no one will have bought it before I get to it. And to those who are wondering about the other movie of theirs (the Horror one), I already ordered that too but it is in a different purchase which should be arriving next week. Also in that same purchase there is, yep, you guessed it, another TGS purchase – their 2014 tour!

So knowing all that, I ask thee, is there actually any other way that I can love these girls any more than I already do? You say no and truthfully I thought so too before I watched 5-tsu! First of all let’s mention a few facts. This movie was their first ever they starred in. Another fact is that Mei is now the Leader of TGS and not Miyu. Then there is also a personal fact of mine – I ship HitoMiyu as much as Japan loves Rice! And so with these facts already planted in my head, as the movie un-folded the enjoyment factor was multiplied by over 9000 when these facts were actually implemented in the movie! There are others too like Aachan’s music skills, Mei’s strange personality and Miyu’s air-headedness. I can say with confidence that fans drank this movie up with a thirst never known to man and TGS is actually very good at this. They are great at fan-service!

And frankly I cannot help but think the title reflects the ending more than anything. As to what I am talking about, what ending, well, you will have to wait a bit for I want to start with something else, you know, leave the best for last and all that. Then again, some can argue and I think they are right in their decision, that it wasn’t on HitoMiyu’s side that the fun most was but rather on Mei/Ayano’s side. I of course am ready to fight for my belief, which I will be doing too but before we get anywhere, first let’s look at the girls and their roles.

It is really very hard to tell who the heroine actually it. I mean even in a movie with many main characters, there is always an Alpha, the one that the story will focus on more than the rest. The one they will give the romance shenanigans or family matters just as a way to waste screen-time, the one always less entertaining to watch (what, it comes with the curse)! I was very surprised and even shocked when I couldn’t decide who the Alpha was in this movie! If you thought it was hard to decide from the trailer, well, the movie does absolutely nothing to help!

And this is one of the reasons I absolutely love this movie!

No girl’s/couple’s story over-shadowed the other’s. The girls met each other of course, their individual stories were a part of the whole story and each girl played a role in the driving of that story but no one’s story was stepping over the others’. No story dragged on more than it should have. No individual story was left hanging because of poor time distribution! The challenges were of course still there, especially during the transitions which was a bit hard sometimes.

So then, what of their roles? Well, going with the power hierarchy of their characters;

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FLARE [J-Movie]

FLARE.mkv - 00149
FLARE.mkv - 00052 FLARE.mkv - 00116
FLARE.mkv - 00306 FLARE.mkv - 00308
FLARE ~ フレア

So dear Readers, I managed to steal time to watch something from the latest purchase. I really shouldn’t but to hell with that! How am I supposed to resist?! I have been waiting for these DVDs to appear since May…MAY! You will have to forgive me for lacking the necessary will-power to resist until I was done with all this college work! And so, since it arrived last and on its own for some un-fathomable reason (seriously I don’t know why! Everything was supposed to be shipped together but for some reason FLARE was split from the rest! Like they couldn’t wait just one day for it to arrive and ship the whole thing? They could wait months but not a day!?). Any way I have managed to watch FLARE, just finished it in fact (Usually I write the post the next day but not today!) and…

Yes, YES! Oh God, YES!

You know I ain’t gonna lie,  I was worried, super worried especially after good Misty went and planted a seed of doubt in my mind! I kid you not I was thinking about things since I saw that comment. Wondering if there was a different trailer that I haven’t seen which tells more of the actual story. I was super worried that I walked into this one! And then the fact that the first half of the movie didn’t have any Saki (Alice) when I finally started watching and instead had plenty of guys, my worries sky-rocketed to dangerous levels! So dangerous in fact that I almost quite half way and instead go to another (surely 5tsu wouldn’t let me down, surely).

But there was this Angel inside looking out for me who kept reminding me that what I saw in the trailer I saw was real! Kept telling me to hang in there until I saw at least one of the scenes from the trailer! And so I waited and waited and…

The reward was most delicious!

fukuda mayuko
Fukuda Mayuko as Flare
hirose alice
Hirose Alice as Saki

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I am sorry Murph. I am not coming back

141107-2339150081a 141107-2339240690a
141107-2342290880a 141107-2342330117a
Nope! So not coming back!

Okay, that’s it! I am so done with waiting for true HD episodes to show up! Screw you logic, I am watching this in 720p (Even though it kills my soul to watch Yukirin in less quality than should be available!). After these caps of episode 03, the one that I just couldn’t resist spoiling myself with no thanks to those teaser rumble pics that even made it into the newspapers before the episode  actually aired…


Seriously, how could I have resisted this?! Now the temptation is up to watching the episode before the eng subs come out for it!

Ship? Like, are you even kidding?!! From what I heard these two are like opposite magnets, well, their characters are but if so, then what is going on in these caps above?!

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Don’t tell me, I will find out for myself!



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