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My God! Why am I Crying?!

AKB48 SSA 2015 D3.m2ts - 00231
AKB48 SSA 2015 D1.m2ts - 00026 AKB48 SSA 2015 D1.m2ts - 00058
AKB48 SSA 2015 D2.m2ts - 00054
AKB48 SSA 2015 D2.m2ts - 00051 AKB48 SSA 2015 D1.m2ts - 00242
AKB48 SSA 2015 D1.m2ts - 00266


Dear Lord in Heaven, thank you so much for this gift! After what seemed like the worst year ever as a Yukirinian you just went and proved the law of the Universe right! For everything thing there is an opposite and equal thing! All the bad tastes in our hearts that were implanted in our hearts the days following the SSK just went and got completely erased by none other than MAYUKI themselves during Kawaei and Asuka’s graduation concerts in SSA!

I am telling you dear Readers, I cried watching all three of the Team B ‘Nageki no Figure’ and the whole group’s ‘Yobisute Fantasy’! So much touching went on in those Nageki no Figure performances that I couldn’t help but blow a fuse!


The only way to describe the whole thing is that – Okay, we all know how Mayuki are, right? Well, just take their usual interactions and remove all breaks and security protocols! Mayuki in those two songs were the 100% un-diluted MAYUKI like you love them, like you want them to be all the time! This is the Mayuki that you usually see in Team B stage performances and Behind the Scenes but never front and centre and so in your face like so! I mean, not to say that they didn’t show their connection so barely, they do but even then there were some reservation!

Well dear Readers, that is no more! Mayuki were unleashed! I would think of it as Coming Out finally but they were already out, all we needed was actually hard copy proof, well, to those who still didn’t believe! That is all history, for, Mayuki were the MAYUKI this concert!

I still can’t believe how much contact went on in that Nageki no Figure intro! THE HAND HOLDING!!!! ALL THAT HAND HOLDING! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!


I’m okay, I’m good guys! I’m good!

Really, I am surprised that I was as surprised as I was! I mean they did get married during last year’s Tokyo Dome Concert so of course from then on it was all lovey dovey couple shenanigans! Why was I so surprised that I cried?! Even now as I write this I am misty eyed! I just…Is it because i had surrendered to the latter half of the year being complete negative is that this ray of heavenly light shining upon me rendered me a complete goner?

All that Mayuki dear Readers!! All those touches! I…I am sorry, I can’t even talk about this no more! Just jump ahead for the caps from the three (six) performances of Nageki no Figure and Yobisute Fantasy from the SSA concerts!!! That should keep you all going until I write about the concert!

My God…

And I just have to say that , that was the Best! Ever! Nageki no Figure performance I have ever seen! I am not exaggerating! Team B went out with a bang with this one! While other teams all went for very unusual songs only Team B went for a popular (over-performed) song like Nageki no Figure and Mayuki and Kuramochi Team B just went and showed everyone that sometimes simple is best!

I most especially recommend all three. The first one was the best because there is this camera angle when the girls lined up and they did a thing which was nicely caught on camera that made my jaw drop! But then you have to watch the other two for the different angles to appreciate the work the girls put in this!

Seriously, if by any chance I had had my feelings of Team B being my favourite tarnished in any way, this performance would have won me over so hard I would have pledged my soul! But fortunately, I already sold my soul to Team B so this was like slapping Satan in the face and high-tailing it to heaven!

So good~

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Dearest Team B, What is happening to you?

teamB_logo_透明Uchiyama Natsuki

Uchida Mayumi

Kuramochi Asuka

Hashimoto Hikari

Kobayashi Marina


Members we have lost within mere months! The new Teams haven’t even started and we have lost five!! already!! Damn it AKS!! This is all your fault! If you had just got it through your skulls to think before you talk (announce shuffles when everything is prepared – new stages etc…) we wouldn’t have this problem!

Now that I think about it, the only thing that saved the first Team Shuffles (bringing us Kashiwagi Team B) was because they got to start building relationships right away! That was the most volatile assemble ever but they stuck like glue through it all because they had a purpose! But now…

Being down with so many members, who is willing to bet that we are going to have the new stage (new? HA! HA!) postponed once again?! Well, we are still in the 16-nin safe-line but that is if all the Kennin are present! If they are not then we are down to mere 15 members! As if being the smallest Team currently wasn’t bad enough! Oh well, I guess the Draftees are to be promoted to full members all together. They will just have to work a bit harder to catch up but I know they can do it. But that then brings us back to the delay again.


And I was just about to post a New Team B appreciation post listing all the members in anticipation of the new Team Stage this month! Dear AKS Staff, come here. I have something for you all, starting with you Yasusu…

fuck everything


[Thai-Drama] Hormones Season 3

hormones3 trailer-39
hormones3 trailer-28
I’m not ready!

I’m so not ready for this! It’s only the trailer and I already have feels! Seems like it’s been forever since the second season but the wait is over. The third and final season is upon us!

I know nothing at all outside of this trailer so forgive me if I base judgement from only these few seconds but I was incredibly excited and also very disappointed by what is coming! Sure the excitement far outweigh the let-downs and were I any other fan I wouldn’t have any of those to begin with but to those who remember, there was this thing I developed for a certain character and it seems said character is not returning?


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Fic – 5 Shades of Black [Yukirin/?]

yukirin_sakuratan yukirin_maachun
yukirin_mayuyu yukirin_akarin
5 Shades of Black
A Yukirin/Rena,Sakura,Maachun,Mayuyu,Akarin Fan Fic

I found something strange on my HDD and I figured I might as well share it. I am not sure what it is exactly supposed to be. From what I know, there was supposed to be 25 of these but apparently there is only five of them. It seems they are drabbles of Yukirin with another girl. Seeing as three of them are my Kamis, it got my attention so  figured it might get your curiosity as well.

The first part seems to be with Matsui Rena, the next Miyawaki Sakura, the third Ogasawara Mayu, the fourth is Watanabe Mayu and the fifth is with Yoshida Akari.

It seems like they were written in a way that they are a part of a bigger picture. This means if anyone ever feel like it they might expand on them. We shall see, we shall see!

Anyway if interested, do read on…

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KumiRei Mini Cd Drama


I have had this audio file for a while now. In fact I don’t even remember where I found it. Either way TokyoToshokan doesn’t have a subbed version of it that I could find. It probably exists some where on a blog and I will be going out to search for it but that can wait, for, this morning as I got to work, that audio file finally made it in the queue and I had the pleasure of listening to it!

Mein Gott!

The delusions I was having through their exchange in this mini drama were off the charts! My yuri powers were activated meaning that I did not need no subtitles to understand what they were talking about so let’s talk about this, like, right now.

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